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Mar. 30th, 2014

Maple Leaf Flag
There's a "The Keg" in Oro Valley, about half an hour from our house!

Given that we went to Texas Roadhouse, a popular US chain, three times and it sucked, I'm glad to know The Keg is there for our steakhouse needs.

One thing that attracted us to the greater Tucson area is that there are some very good restaurants. Bear in mind that our closest convenience store is 20 minutes away, so ten minutes further for decent food is just fine. We discovered Vero Amore, a very nice Italian place, in the same vicinity.

Arizona Mexican food is quite different from California Mexican. Calimex is seafood-heavy and Arimex (is that a word?) is into beef. Air-dried beef (carne seca) is the Tucson national dish.

Steve is making beef ribs tonight.


Back in SD

astrology, sun
No crisis involved, but I'm back in San Diego because both Steve and I were nervous about having enough time to pack up the last stuff.

Things are going swimmingly. I will finish the kitchen tomorrow, after which there's a small amount in the living room and bedroom. The back room and both bathrooms are done.

So if you want to get together, that'd be great!

Dec. 19th, 2013

astrology, sun
Tomorrow I drive myself and the kitties to Tucson. I do have someone to sit in the back seat with the beasts and attempt to keep them amused. I've downloaded the first 10 episodes of "Welcome to Night Vale" as entertainment.

Today was my last day at work, and it was really emotional. My contract was ended for lack of money (THANKS OBAMA!). Melady brought in doughnuts, which I don't really like, but I ate one to be polite. I had to run an errand to the condo so Dreya could pick up some boxes to take to Arizona, and to hand off keys to Rebecca. After that I bought some tamales for the office.

I showed people how to do my job. They are all horrified. They don't want to do it.

I was given a framed photo of Building 8 (first building put up on North Island, in 1911) and a unit coin, and everyone helped me put things in my truck. I went to have dinner and drinks with Ryan at Hooters.

Way strange leaving after 11.5 years.

My new tattoo

new ink cropped

I got a new tattoo on Friday. The design was taken from the left arm of the so-called Altai Princess (Google her). She was a young Siberian woman of influence and power, probably a priest or shaman of some kind. She was covered in animal tattoos. My DNA reveals that my bloodline passed through that area, and if I may wax very woo and witchy, my reaction on seeing the design for the first time makes me wonder if she was a relative. When I first saw the deer, I felt as if someone had hit me in the stomach with a sledgehammer.

I got the tattoo at Last Days Tattoo in Ocean Beach, who has done most of Ryan's work. Since Ryan's last tat was an elaborate "murder of crows", I decided to go with that recommendation. Yes, it hurt, but Eric is a real pro and I was able to meditate through the worst of it. At some points, I actually forgot I was being stabbed by a bazillion tiny needles.

A Siberian shamaness not of the same ethnic group as the Princess has said that in time, the meanings of her tattoos will be understood. I am deeply moved to participate in the spiritual life of this woman.

Time marches on

Arizona, Picacho Peak
At the moment, I have seven weekdays left at my job and ten days until I put Ivan and Lalat in my pickup truck and we all go to live in Arizona. I'll be back to supervise the movers.

My contract here wasn't renewed, which I expected due to government budget cuts. This means that at least I qualify for Unemployment. There's a lot of work in the Tucson area, so I'm optimistic about finding a job quickly. I've had some nibbles.

I remember dreading the move from Montreal to California. I don't feel like that at all now, but you've all read me rhapsodizing about the stars, the animals, and the mountains.

I'm trying to see people over the next few days and looking forward to having a weekend with yoga and bloody marys afterwards.

The countdown begins

Arizona, Picacho Peak
It's a psychological shock, when I return from the desert to San Diego. Right now, all I hear out my window is police sirens and people hanging out in the alleyway. Back in AZ I wake up to the yipping of coyotes.

My work contract was not renewed due to federal budget cuts, so my last day is December 19. On the 20th I'll drive out to the Arizona place with the cats and start changing over my address, car registration, etc. After 11-1/2 years, I am finally done with San Diego.

Steve will be sitting for the Arizona state bar in February. He has decided he doesn't like his job, so once he's passed the bar exam, he'll be looking elsewhere. There is a lot of work in the Tucson area, plus I qualify for unemployment because of losing my contract, so I'm not overly worried about employment.

I am not looking forward to a six hour drive with the cats, though. No I am not.

Nov. 12th, 2013

astrology, sun
Holy mackerel, it's been a long time since I posted. I've been back and forth to Arizona, where Steve keeps the house not as much a feral den as he has in the past. I really do love it out there, and I'm excited to be moving but everyone knows that.

I have started to apply for jobs in Pinal County. I got a phone call from an insurance company asking me if I would be interested in an Exciting Opportunity on their sales staff because obviously I'm just so perfect for it! I said no, I would not and hung up.

Work has been super slow. At home, I've started writing Warhammer 40k fanfiction. Primarch Sanguinius wants his story told without silly references to alabaster flowers springing up wherever his tears fall. Honestly, he gives me a lot of Garma Zabi-ish feels, but unlike Garma, Sanguinius would never say anything like, "It's been a bad day and I need to haul my grouchy ass out of here."

Government shutdown

Urge to kill
So, for ridiculous "reasons" we won't go into, the U.S. government shut down on Tuesday. As a contractor, my funding is on a calendar year, not the fiscal year, so I'm not affected. Our secretary is furloughed, but otherwise the effects are:

The commissaries are closed. I had to think a long time about where I could get my groceries at a comparable price. I ended up going to tried-and-true Pancho Villa's across the street. The meat and milk prices are still way more than the commissary, but cheaper than the large chain supermarkets.

Parking at work It's there. Even with both the RONALD REAGAN and CARL VINSON at home.

Army Reserve is impacted Drill weekend has been postponed two weeks and may not happen this month at all. We'll see. I don't mind; it's another two weeks to keep losing weight. However, my old unit is doing their best to fuck me out of September's drill pay, and the Inspector General's office is closed so I can't file a complaint against them.

I was thinking of going to Arizona this weekend, but after talking with Steve we think it's better to keep the $200 I would spend on gas. He's coming here next week for an appearance at the Court of Appeals, and he'll be here for six days.

Unexpected recommendation

astrology, sun
There's a movie based on the game Halo that is on Netflix Streaming. It's called Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. I watched it because I was bored one evening, and really enjoyed it. I know next to nothing about the game. This is about a platoon of military cadets who ultimately find themselves and their academy under attack. It worked fine as a standalone, the acting and effects weren't bad, and the whole scenario felt real. Give it a shot if you have a chance.

I don't always play harp badly...

...but when I do, I do it before an audience of members of the San Diego symphony!

L and B from our kindred finally got married after 20+ years of life together. They are both women, so tying the knot hasn't always been an option. But it's secure to do so in California now, so they made the plans. We had the celebration at Odin's Grove, which has been such a gift to the pagan communities.

I never do anything small. They know my motto is "Go big or go home," and they put a big request on me. They asked for a feast to be brought as their gift, although some people brought them extra things. So when I arrived, I was toting 10 rotisseried chickens from Pancho Villa, two pounds of tortillas, two tubs of salsa, plus my harp and its accoutrements.

The wedding was outside, with all the chairs in a circle. I was positioned at about 5 o'clock with the howe (altar) at 12. The piece I'd selected was an English country dance, or so the music book said, and I knew that I could repeat it as much as needed, like a music box.

L is the piccolo player for the San Diego Symphony and about five of her co-workers were there. This added to my nervousness. I started playing, with some fumbling, waiting for L and B to make their way to the howe. On my second repeat, I started wondering where they were. On my third I was thoroughly flustered and mouthed to the celebrant, "When do I stop?"

It turned out that me stopping was going to be their cue to approach the howe and start the ceremony. Oh well. Everyone said I sounded lovely. I'm more critical, of course.

The ceremony invoked Odin and Frigga, the Allparents, and the goddess Lofn, who is gentle and good to pray to when two lovers are being kept apart by adverse forces. After the vows, we all took a horn of mead and said something to the couple. Most people for some reason opted to pour out a libation rather than drink. The heathens didn't "get" that at all.

Afterwards, we had the wedding feast in the hall. There was a pork roast, ham, chicken, and German potato salad. It turned out there was way too much food, which no one had expected.

All this and a roomful of kittens. There are two mama cats in a closed-off room with two litters. One of the little calicos got adopted by one of the kindred families, which they had been planning for a couple of weeks. The six-year-old boy who was the lucky recipient has a gift with animals. The kitten sat calmly on his shoulder, purring away, and they are going to have a great life. L and B will continue their great life.


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