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Getting in the mood....

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I have an outline of what I want to write.

I'll be in San Diego for Army November 1 and 2, but I'll have to make up time.

Eight pages a day for a month. I can do this. I think. SPC Merrystorm Keegan says so.


Notes to self re: books

Marguerite de Angeli's The Door in the Wall is available from the library as an e-book.

Range day

Arizona, Picacho Peak
A few weeks ago, Steve and I agreed with nearby married couple Jake and Sarah that we should go to a particular shooting competition, followed by lunch at an Italian restaurant. Unfortunately, Sarah got sick.

Now, I've done damage to my right hand because I've been reviewing literally thousands of e-mails related to a lawsuit. Major carpal pain. Since Sarah couldn't go, I thought about bowing out. The match was shooting steel targets with a handgun, and even if my revolver wasn't the right tool for the job, I figured target shooting is never a bad thing to practice.

My hand didn't cooperate. My aim was pretty good, but my hands started shaking, then my right hand started to hurt something fierce. I ended up not having a great time, and my hand is now securely in a brace.

We also decided to go for Mexican food at a place called Macayo. I ordered veggie enchiladas and enjoyed them thoroughly, so that was a good thing.

I have figured that my tomato plants and herbs might not be getting enough sun, so I took them to the front patio. I now have to watch out for signs of varmints getting to them. The basil is super happy though, and the tomatoes are back from the verge of death. The seeds I planted are putting out teeny shoots. So far so good.

Going to watch some ghost shows now, and keep reading the Tammy Strobel book. I'm enjoying it, and it's making me think of how I can start carving down the debt once I start getting paid regularly. I haven't had any income of my own except for my Army pittance since early September, and so money owed is piling up. Not good, but relief is in sight.

Oct. 24th, 2014

Things are going great. I was desperately afraid that I would be not up to the skillset required for the level of paralegal I'm required to have. I do. I start learning to operate courthouse equipment on Monday.

I found that I'm working ten minutes drive from the Main Branch Library downtown. This is excellent. I checked out Tammy Strobel's You Can Buy Happiness (And It's Cheap)O which I found in mere moments. Tammy Strobel is the author of the Rowdy Kittens blog. Recently she and her husband Logan have rented a cottage that looks a lot like our old cottage in SD, because she has a hurt back and can't get up and down the ladder to the loft in her tiny house.
The Pima County system has a lot of books that I do want to read, and that means that I don't have to spend money!

Good wine

Drunk Teppy
I endorse Gnarly Head's "Authentic Black". It's a red wine blend and it is super tasty. It was $8.99 at Sprouts, and I think I'll pick up some more bottles.


Great news!

Gay Zeon Pride
State of Arizona began to perform same-sex marriages today.

Well, shit.

Looks like we do need a new water heater. For some reason, the breaker to the water heater keeps going off, which means we get surprised by cold water. Steve's going to order a new one for delivery Thursday. Our current one doesn't seem to be that old; who knows, maybe they can repair it instead. We'll see.

I voted

Lady Liberty
Straight Democrat ticket. I wish I could have voted a mixed one, but the Republicans were endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio which means an automatic no-go. I'm not thrilled with Ann Kirkpatrick as Representative, but Andy Tobin is going to be way worse, even if he didn't have the Arpaio disease. On the other hand, I like what I've seen of gubernatorial candidate Fred Duval, and didn't hold my nose as I filled in the balloon beside his name.

We'll see how it goes.

Best 24 hours in a while!

Drunk Teppy
I cleaned the saloon this morning, and pictures are on Instagram and FB. I'm sitting there now with my laptop, chilling, drinking a cider, and typing.

Friday evening, Steve called me to announce that he passed the Arizona state Bar Exam. This is terrific news, and proof that it pays to take Barbri classes to prepare. After some misadventures, we went to La Olla, a very good Mexican restaurant in Marana, to celebrate.

This morning I discovered there was no hot water. Steve unscrewed the panels over the water heater and after a few minutes of fear that we needed a new one, realized there was a breaker that had gone off. He flipped it, and the heater came back on. No better feeling than NOT having to make another home repair! I mean, we only bought a new washer and dryer two weeks ago.

Steve drove me to Games Workshop while he did some shopping nearby. I painted my Space Marines and need to do a little bit of gluing before I paint again. And now, as I said, I'm home. Going to update the music on my phone. I don't think anyone will join me at the bar, but it's nice enough anyhow. And two more days of weekend to come.

Of paralegals and prasadam

Work continues to go well. I'm working on a very dull project of data entry, but since I have immense Microsoft Excel skills, I will still have chances to shine.

I'm being very social. A number of the paralegals work out during lunch with their large library of exercise DVDs, so I've started doing that. Today, however, I went to Govinda's with one of the paras and the IT person. The IT gal is Vietnamese, of a religious persuation that eats very particularly vegetarian. Govinda's is the Hare Krisna restaurant, located in their small and very pretty compound off Speedway. (Everything in this town is off Speedway Blvd.) The compound consists of three saffron-coloured buildings surrounded by a matching adobe wall. The restaurant is a buffet, and I got a box to go for Steve's supper. I had yellow basmati rice with tomato sauce with seitan (don't like the texture of seitan; must remember that), green beans and potatoes, a samosa and semolina halavah. I'd forgotten how much I love Vedic food. I also took a moment to go into their itty bitty temple and say hello to the deities. Krishna helped me out in the 90s, so it pays to be polite.

It's been raining the past two days. Wet creosote may smell sweet, but it kicks my asthma into overdrive.

At the end of tomorrow begins the Caturday, and it's a bonus Caturday due to Leif Erickson Day/Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday. I hope our turkey is thawed by then!


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