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Pray 'n' Play Sunday

"Our Pray 'n' Play day" is what MAJ T calls Sundays. Not everybody goes to church, but those who do take it seriously. I was on as an EM today, plus Fr. H introduced our new village priest, who is also a Fr. H. Tomorrow they will have the Ceremony of the Passing of the Cell Phone. MAJ T and I imposed on the pew occupied by Air Force CPT T, a quiet young lawyer who is pondering becoming a priest.

After that, we betook ourselves to the MWR for a game of four-player Stratego and then Rock Band.

The same thing happened to Air Force CPT C that happened to MAJ T. He went to the video game room with us grudgingly, saying, "Oh, okay, if you REALLY want me to play this game with you that badly, I'll try it."

Two and a half hours later at dinner he was, "I'm going back to the video game room. I want to play that game some more. Matter of fact, that's an Xbox game? I'm going to buy an Xbox when I get home."

Yeah, I better go online tomorrow and get the Rock Band for PS2 set I've been eyeing. It has three instruments and the game itself. The PS2 is on its way from San Diego and I think it's about to get more love than it has in years.

We played until 9 pm, and I even begged off talking to my folks. With CPT C we've created a monster, I tell you. When he gets home, I think his first stop will be Toys R Us because we introduced him to Boggle too and he likewise fell in love with that.


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Sep. 27th, 2009 07:20 pm (UTC)
I'd love an xbox 360 eventually...I'm getting tired of beta testing and/or dealing with crap DRM on PC games.

anything you want me to watch Gamestop for? CAn usually find some deals on used games.
Sep. 28th, 2009 04:16 am (UTC)
whee, rock band
my wife and I went into "grind" mode and opened all the Rock Band songs up the first couple evenings after we bummed a PS2 off of a friend who wasn't using it anymore. it's totally worth it.

fwiw, it works with the PS2 Guitar Hero controllers as well, so if you want that 4th instrument (i.e. your band needs a bassist), it's much cheaper to buy that used than the 'real' Rock Band one... even though the GH one looks crappy and feels cheap in comparison (there may be disputes over who gets to use the RB guitar controller). plus then you get to play GH as well, though honestly, GH is kind of bad after you've been playing Rock Band.

note this may only be worth it if nobody else nearby has Rock Band for a newer platform. the old games work, but new stuff (e.g. Beatles in the last few weeks) won't be available for PS2... but on the gripping hand, if you've already got the PS2 on the way, that may be one of the best things to do with it.


pax et bonum


/not even a gamer, for the most part
//this is the most technologically up to date I've ever been on my video game systems, is about 1 generation behind. prior to this was SNES, and before that Atari 2600...
Sep. 28th, 2009 05:28 am (UTC)
Re: whee, rock band
We DO need a second guitar, so thanks for the tip!
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