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Good Friday

It's Friday, so I had the morning off. I slept till 0830, then took the bus downtown to go pick up my month's worth of antidepressants. I followed up with a trip to the North PX which had LAUNDRY BAGS!!!!!!! Joy. We now have a seven-day-a-week laundry point here, so I like to keep a few bags circulating. (It's three days turnaround after dropping off dirty laundry and picking it up clean.)

There was a Good Friday service at 1600, and it got a decent crowd. During the reading of John's Passion, I kept picturing the Romans in ACUS and the Jews as Afghans, though.

I went back to work, and most of the enlisted went off to Pizza Hut because two of the paralegals are leaving tomorrow. When all of a sudden those of us who weren't invited were told to clean the entire building because Admiral Harward is visiting tomorrow, it was made clear that this wasn't JUST so they could say goodbye--they were stabbing us in the back. After we did about half the building, we told our warrant officer that WE were going to dinner, THEY could finish the job. And we left. Should be interesting tomorrow, but this is an office where I get asked to take the garbage out because the private who ought to have been asked is the sergeant first class's pet. I am really, really impatient for June.


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Apr. 6th, 2010 11:25 am (UTC)
During the reading of John's Passion, I kept picturing the Romans in ACUS and the Jews as Afghans, though.

It's a good analogy. The Jews were the "looney religious fanatics" in the Classical cycle of civilization, just as the Muslims are in the Western cycle of civilization. May the Muslims suffer Diaspora in the end, just as did the Jews.
Apr. 7th, 2010 04:38 pm (UTC)
Yeah, but in the end, diaspora made Judaism what it is today.

Kind of hard to have a diaspora when your religion is sitting at #2 most popular in the world (after Catholicism) and you're in most of the world already.
Apr. 7th, 2010 05:09 pm (UTC)
The Jewish Diaspora was an ejection from Jerusalem and some other parts of the traditional Kingdom of Judea, not from the Roman Empire proper. Long before the Diaspora, the Jews had spread throughout the Classical World (including through the Persian Empire), and the main effect of the Diaspora was that the Jews no longer had any specific homeland, hence had to give up their original megalomanic dream of world conquest (read the Old Testament, the madness peeks out all over). The Jews instead turned toward scholarship and trade, which "made Judaism what it is today," namely the religion of a people who are intelligent, wealthy and thus contribute to civilization out of proportion to their numbers.

The Muslims are behaving with incredible offensiveness toward all other civilizations simultaneously, and are engaged in unremitting personal aggression toward people in numerous countries in which they are immigrant minorities. What do you expect will be the long-term consequence of this? Do you really think, for instance, that the Europeans are so deeply culturally castrated that they will not react violently against the Muslim aggressions? Or that Israel will forever tolerate constant acts of war against her by the Arab states and Iran?

Just as the Judeans finally provoked the Romans to destroy Judea, the Muslims will finally provoke the rest of the world to lash out against them, and I don't think that Islam as a political and diplomatic force will survive the series of reactions. I think that, a thousand to two thousand years from now, the Muslims will focus on scholarship and trade, and be wise and rich out of proportion to their numbers, precisely because their ancestors pissed off the whole rest of the world.
Apr. 7th, 2010 05:11 pm (UTC)
Oh, and the popularity of Islam is fragile, because it keeps its adherents in part through terroristic threats. When the host countries stop enabling these threats through failure to enforce the law against those who attack apostates, you will see mass defections from Islam to other faiths, among the very immigrant communities whom the Muslim fanatics assumed would conquer new lands for Islam through outbreeding the natives. It's fairly inevitable.
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