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On the road again

We're in Mesa, AZ. Apologies to anyone who hoped to see me; family visitation took up the entire day.

We arrived last night, having departed San Diego a day earlier than originally planned. Because of this, we stopped at the house of yet another Steve M. Negativsteve, as he's known, has been friends with americanstd for around 30 years. He owns a townhouse style condo, but he's also single and lives by himself. This meant Steve and I slept on a carpeted floor beside a bathroom that sported a shower with only a trickle of cold water, a sink that leaked into the floor below and a toilet that mercifully worked. Many laughs were had, but the next day Steve and I checked into a Best Western so we could take showers and catch a nap, which we did.

We've spent the rest of the day with Steve's extended family. After starting the day with a massive breakfast at Cracker Barrell (they now have a multigrain/granola pancake that I endorse heartily)we went on to have two more large meals with the family. NOT what I'd planned foodwise, but oh well. Steve had brought a lot of mementos from his parents, all of which said family members were pleased to receive. They've moved into a different house which is now full of antiques from both wife's and husband's family. Since we have a very simple set-up in our place, the knicknacks and pieces of jewelry have reached a good home.

It's hot, but my time in Kuwait has immunized me against anything under 120 degrees F. Plus it's a dry heat, and yes, that does make a difference.

Off to Albuquerque tomorrow to visit Ryan's parents.



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