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In which I part ways with The Wild Hunt

I discovered the Pagan news site "The Wild Hunt" a good ten years ago, I think. It was really enjoyable to have a place to read stories on pagan events, personalities, and issues. But a couple of years ago, Jason Pizl-Waters left, and it's degenerated into what I think of as an agglomeration of blogs, with lots of heaping servings of navel-gazing.

So today I removed it from my friends page. It's a shame because there are lots of headlines to follow and instead I get people talking about themselves, and long rambles about politics. Nothing I need in my life. Bye.

Today I....

Went to therapy
Did my DTS and I think that finally my travel voucher went through.
Worked on paperwork for my walking profile (so I no longer have to do the run on the PT test)
Applied for a job
Followed up on two jobs
Cleaned up in the kitchen
Wrote half a page of original fiction.
Go me!

Usually not my subject matter

helenkacan will possibly not be sympathetic, but I am in a world of pain. All the driving I have to do in my daily life, plus a really bad office chair, plus stress equal lower back pain. Bad enough pain that last night, when I tried to roll over I would have pain that made me yelp. I'm taking Naproxen and Tiger Balm seems to also help.

Despite not sleeping well, I had a good job interview. The attorney's assistant is retiring, and he kept telling me how impressive my resume is. If nothing else, I got an ego boost.

I stopped at Einstein Bros to get a bagel and soda as I wrote my thank you note. I keep a card in my briefcase whenever I have an interview, already addressed to the interviewer. I ran into our mail carrier as I was nearing the village, so I was able to hand it directly to her.


George RR Martin's "not a blog" where all he does is talk about the Hugo Awards, his lame arts cinema and the NFL, has fallen off the LJ Top 10. Can't imagine why.

More steps

With the power of YouTube, I figured out why my seams were coming out as big knots of thread. I then brought out my favourite polo shirt, which was losing its hem at the bottom, and repaired it.

I went to our local thrift store and bought a pretty pink flat sheet for $1.50 in order to turn it into something. Possibly a basic skirt. I've seen those on YouTube as well.

Lent has begun in the western Church. While I haven't observed in years, for some reason I've been off booze. Thursday night, Steve brought home a bottle of wine from his old university, Cal Poly Pomona, and we shared it. Since then I've just been drinking water and I don't know why. I'm hoping this leads to a little weight loss.


That's the word for the year, and I've done all right so far.

Saturday, Steve and I went to the National Guard gym. Saturday morning is a good time to insure you have the gym to yourself, and don't have to work around the homoerotic posing of various dudebros. Seriously guys, take that to a private gym.

After showers, we went to get lunch, then over to our local fabric store to find material to make a skirt. YouTube has some helpful videos on sewing simple ones. I came away with the elastic I'll use, but I think starting out using a flat bedsheet from a thrift store would be a better beginning because that'll be cheap.

I had put a mother-of-pearl crescent moon on my traveler's notebook as a charm, but it broke. I wanted a Tree of Life theme, and found a small tree pendant at Michael's, so that's on my notebook now.

Today I did some more work on my Brothers Hematic Space Marines, and thought some more about their backstory and how to tell it. Black Library has an open submission for freelancers, and I know someone who got a contract that way, so maybe....

Finally, Steve and I decided to start watching the original Star Trek from the beginning. There are episodes I have not seen in decades. Someone on Tumblr wrote that James Kirk is NOT a womanizer, that he just falls in love very, very easily, and that he is actually more feminist than a lot of male main characters now. This has already started in "Charlie X" where he spends a lot of time trying to tell a 17 year old who was raised by bodiless aliens about consensual and non-consensual touching.

Holding back the hands of time

Over the past year or so, I'd become resentful of having to go to the gym and keep fit and under a certain weight. Now that I've changed units, I find that that's lifted. I think it's that I know I have a much smaller amount of time and money to commit, so the gym can be more for me and less for Uncle Sam. Steve and I both refer to Uncle Sam as my abusive second husband, saying "You stay skinny and attractive, or I'll throw you out!" Which is what it comes down to when a Command Sergeant Major can ban hairstyles because he doesn't think they are attractive. There was one which was pretty popular back in 2005 which was a short back that lengthened towards the front. CSM didn't like it, so he banned it.

But as I said, I feel more like doing this for myself now.

I realized that I need to do more weightlifting, to keep my bones dense. I have to mentally remind myself of this because it's just not something that otherwise occurs to me. I still think I'm 25. I'm twice that, and I figure if I can be muscular with tough bones I'll be able to keep thinking that.

The other thing to keep me feeling 25 is mental agility. I'm--torturing is the wrong word, but I do my best to stress my intellect--using Hebrew. Hebrew is not an easy language and the letters tend to all look like each other. But there are women in their 80s and 90s at my synagogue who read like rabbis and are sharp as tacks, so Hebrew is probably a good plan.

Certainly I have felt more welcomed at temple than I ever have in a Catholic church. Living out where we do, I value that sense of community and am trying to spend more time there. I keep saying that I'm not committed to conversion, but I'm putting out an awful lot of effort for someone who claims to be ambivalent.

This is also because when I have been OMG SO SURE of things I wanted to do, it's because I had doubts. I also don't feel any need for urgency. The only thing I can't do is be called to the bima to read Torah. It's not as if I'll go to hell if I don't accept the Torah as my Personal Lord and Saviour. And even if I did, it'd be Jewish hell and the food would be good.


Big changes, though. I have put in my transfer for the JAG team in Mesa, Arizona. Mesa is 90 minutes away from my house.

Big differences. During the winter, they do PT in the afternoon because it's too cold for them in the mornings. So on Saturday I was able to leave my house at 0700 and arrive at 0830. They also believe in leaving work no later than 1530. This means that today (Sunday) I was home in daylight, in time for dinner. Steve wanted Mexican food, so after some negotiation we decided on Chuy's for chicken nachos.

Also the two female enlisted both are into ghosts and ghost TV shows. One of the has a friend who is a "paranormal researcher" here in town, and he is co-author of some books on haunted Tucson. I've put a hold on his book through the Pima county library.

So overall feeling optimistic about this change in my Army job.

Creativity Part II

I finally got the nerve to start up my new Singer Simple. I watched the DVD that came with it and sat down to fill the bobbin.


I read online to see if I'd done something wrong. I called Singer. They said it sounded like the machine was defective and to just return it. I was sad.

So we traded it for a new one. And it works! I filled the bobbin, threaded the machine, and sure, the tension on the thread was too loose at first, but I was able to fix a skirt and run another experimental seam on a trashed t-shirt.

I broke a needle, but that is all me because I forgot to raise the presser foot.

I have plans.

Getting things done

I've been in a depression for the past couple of days. Yesterday I worked at home and then Steve and I went to the National Guard gym for a workout. For dinner he made a hearty chicken soup using broth he canned himself!

Today he had medical appointments, so I had the house to myself for most of the day. As an introvert, this was long overdue. I mostly did Army paperwork, forwarding e-mails I sent around the 19th to the people I'd mailed them to the first time who hadn't seen them for whatever reason. My NCOER support form (my input for my NCOER which is my "report card" as an NCO) is done and I sent it on Sunday. It's not due till January 4. I ended up resending that, my transfer request, and more medical records to support my request for a walking profile (a document saying that for medical reasons, I cannot run). If I end up not going to drill weekend at all in January, you know I won't cry.

Oh yeah, and I had a third interview (over the phone) with Pima County. The fourth step will no doubt be in person.

I also scrubbed our granite counters and cleaned up the kitchen floors. I cleaned the litter boxes and got the dirty stuff out the door.

Steve came home with a rotisserie chicken, so now we're watching WWE Network but will switch over to "Daredevil" in a few.


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