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I'd been thinking of taking yesterday (Friday) off from PT since my knee felt about 98% better and I wanted to rest it. After work, 1LTH proposed ab workouts, and MAJ T and I thought that sounded like a good idea.

We wondered why, however, H started heading over to the tent gym immediately, instead of the living quarters to change into PT gear.

H looked at us as if we were crazy, because the regs allow doing PT in ACUs or the ABUs/DCUs worn by the Air Force and Navy respectively. It took some doing, but he talked T into this absolute walk on the wild side. Dressed in our uniforms we hit the gym.

Let me tell you, Roman chair exercises in boots is no joke. However I discovered in the course of this workout that my abs are pretty dang strong. MAJ T had trouble with this one, turning bright red after about ten leg lifts. H's first contribution to the workout was one on an inclined bench with a 20 lb barbell on our shoulders, and that one was pretty impossible for me; I ended up just forgoing the weight. T had an exercise that involved lifting a 15 pound plate and also crunches on a big inflated exercise ball. I felt like Laa-Laa carrying mine.

Finally there was one that was FUN and I astonished myself at how long it took for me to get tired. Back on the inclined bench, we'd sit up and a partner would toss a 7 lb medicine ball at us. The game was to catch it, lie back with it in our hands, raised over our head, then sit back up and throw it back to the partner. Best abs workout ever, and lots of fun too. My back is kind of sore today, though not badly. Plus now I know where the situp benches are in the tent gym, which has newer equipment than the main gym.

H has become a Pod Person. Since 1LT M decided to take another assignment and left his pod, he offered it to H. Since H lives in the I-barracks, which are open bay, he jumped at the chance. We need him around: he has the Rock Band cheat codes.

Speaking of Rock Band, this has become MAJ T's obsession. PSP is selling a bundle of the player and the PSP version of Rock Band, which isn't ideal because it involves no plastic instruments and that's more than half the fun. But I've seen less wonder on the faces of people having a vision of the Virgin Mary than when he saw that in the PX.


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Sep. 8th, 2009 03:27 am (UTC)
Rock Band Unplugged for the PSP lacks instruments, but we used that space to load 20% more ROCK! ;)

(Yes, that's the product I've been working on for the last year, so I'm a bit bias. But I can honestly say its the best single player, hand-held music game I've ever played.)
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