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Day off

Unbelievable. I actually got one.

I started by sleeping till 1017; must have needed it. After that I dropped off my laundry (civilians note: this can be quite an achievement when deployed), got online for a bit, had lunch, then went downtown. I had to send the Lonely Planet book on Scandinavia to americanstd and there are some Haji DVDs for him too.*

After that I went to the PX for a few things and came out with fewer things than intended due to the perennial empty shelves. I also went to Green Bean because I hadn't had coffee yet. I thought an iced chai with two shots of espresso and a sugar-free vanilla syrup sounded good, but I didn't remember that most "chai" is a disgusting pre-sweetened powder. Hence it was icky sweet with lumps of powder in it. Uck. Lots of empty calories I didn't want and it wasn't even pleasant to drink. Next time I'm going for the same thing, minus the fake chai.

There is a kind of local tulip that doesn't look like a Dutch one called a "lalat". I think this would be a terrific name for a cat.

So the plan now is to go work out, hose down, and watch movies. Back to the grindstone tomorrow.

Oh, for those of you on Facebook, I posted a whole bunch of photos.

*The word "haji" is to me like the word "oriental". A rug is oriental. A person is Asian. Similarly, a DVD is haji but a person is emphatically not.


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