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AFN Weird Dream Channel

I dreamed that I was told to report BACK to Bagram since the work had stepped up so much that they needed everyone back who'd worked my particular mission. I went back and found SFC N had been called out of retirement and TSGT H had been the one to call me at home to tell me to come back. I went back, a few of us went to a DFAC, and I started to have an "out of uniform in public" dream. I realized the only ACUs I had were the ones I was wearing, that I had no PT uniforms, and that I'd left the duffle of uniforms currently under my bed in the real world under my bed. Oh, and no one knew how long these orders were for so I couldn't just wing it with what I had.

I was allowed to go back and get the duffle. I flew into San Diego and Steve immediately started playing video games, talking on his bluetooth and someone from a legal temp agency who kept calling and asking for me. He told me I shouldn't use my civilian cell phone to call because it was too expensive, and I asked him to get my Afghan phone but he kept playing video games. I started having an anxiety attack. Since we were sitting on the bed in my dream and I woke up in the bed (obviously) I woke up wondering when I had to leave for Afghanistan and how to make sure I had everything I needed and how long I'd be there for since CPT S said "Oh, probably about six months" in the dream.

It took me about ten minutes of walking around making coffee in the real world until I finally became convinced that I did not have orders to send me back.

But I'll check AKO just in case.



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Jun. 29th, 2010 12:33 am (UTC)
What a shit-tastically awful dream.
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