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Las Momias Chinas!

I am officially in love with the Bowers Museum. americanstd adored it as a kid, so I was inclined to like it and it exceeded my expectations. Aside from the mummies, of which there were only two and a model, there was also a South Pacific exhibit that was very cool, Chinese art (swoon) a small California history exhibit and a gallery of breathtaking quilts. I said to electorprince and shadowcell that it inspired me to consider taking some quilting classes--until I picture americanstd's horrified expression at finding the house taken over by fabric scraps.

The mummies there were the famous Beauty of Loulan, who really is amazingly beautiful. I did not really how lovely she'd be. She looks like she's sleeping, her wavy red hair curled around her head and shoulders. The blue-eyed baby looks more like a doll than anything else, wrapped snugly in his swaddling clothes for all eternity.

And the clothes, oh my gosh. There was one fabric purse with cloth streamers that looked brand new. If I made bags like it, they would sell. The Tarim graves were famous for their gorgeous clothes and textiles, which show a distinct multicultural influence from Persia and Greece, and again, they exceeded my expectations. The Prince got a few prohibited photos (no flash of course) so I'll urge him to post them.

The Mayan exhibit was the best I've seen outside Mexico. There's a film that vanirpriestess mentioned in her blog about Mayan religious practice that was thoroughly gruesome and led shadowcell to draw parallels between them and Raiders fans.

The Bowers has hosted the Han Soldiers exhibit before, Dead Sea Scrolls and other exhibits I wanted to see but the Army sent me elsewhere. I am going to pay much more attention to this museum in future.


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Jul. 7th, 2010 01:55 am (UTC)
I'm sure there's a way to become a Friend of the Museum for valuable cash and prizes!

Your mom must be pretty if she looks like that mummy.


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