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Our excitement for the evening

First, read this story:


Okay, our friends R & J, who are a couple (R is the girl, J the boy) were on their way from getting takeout at McDonald's when the woman from this story rammed her SUV into their rear end. She came out drunk as a lord and yada yada yada, ended up being hauled away in handcuffs while R & J went to the emergency room. R called Steve, having been his paralegal in the past, and after picking me up we rushed over there. They're both going to be fine, but I bet they hurt insanely today.

However the emergency room is never a quick trip. We ended up being there until after midnight, waiting for them to get checked out and given discharge papers. The hospital wasn't the county one, but there were plenty of local characters to hold our attention. We'll start with Angry Drunk, who'd been brought there by the police I presume because of an infected cut on his hand. He was in the bed next to J, where he snuck drinks out of a bottle of booze when the nurse wasn't looking and verbally abused the very, VERY gay guy who was also in the ER. On hearing this story I hoped the gay guy would prove the old maxim that a gay man is still a MAN and can beat the snot out of someone who annoys them, but he didn't. Eventually the drunk got up and was walked off the hospital grounds. A few minutes later he walked back in again. Then he walked back out.

In the meantime a mental patient escaped and had to be chased down. We didn't see any prisoners being brought in in chains, but maybe that was over at the UCSD hospital. And finally Angry Drunk wandered in again, this time carrying a Powerade.

At about 2300 only R was still in the ER so Steve sent me off to La Posta for food. That was a quieter expedition than I was expecting, and I was glad to say the least because the potential for run-ins with the late-night xenos, mutants and heretics was quite high. However I returned with three burritos and an order of carne asada fries unscathed. Protip: La Posta now has pollo asado and it's amazing.

Finally J's mom showed up and R was set free so I drove R's car back to their place with Steve following in the truck. We got home at around 0100 and got to bed around 0130. R & J are going to be fine, but the driver who hit them has sent her own life from the toilet into the sewer. No sympathy from me.


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Jul. 17th, 2010 03:18 am (UTC)
That's pretty bizarre - Glad your friends weren't seriously hurt
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