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Hey! It's another Comic-Con!!!!!!

I missed the last two thanks to the Army. I was gifted with a complimentary pass, so I attended Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday I had to work, followed by dinner with Bean! and the Beanparents.

I only attended two panels. One was with Sergio Aragones and I went because my old friend Mike K. wanted to go. I tried to get into the Assassin's Creed panel, but there was a Transformers panel afterwards, so the room was already full of people camping through AC for that one. I was not happy since Steve loves that game and I wanted to give him a full report.

The other panel I attended was "The Military in Comics" which was really, "How being a veteran influences my working as a writer and/or artist." This led me over to the booth where Bill Tucci, who is a Desert Storm veteran who does a "SGT Rock" comic was working. I bought the book and told a little about my story. He was very gracious and did a sketch on the flyleaf.

The anime rooms weren't all that interesting. The things that were interesting I'd already seen, such as Gundam Unicorn. (BTW, Gundam Unicorn is quite good and it's a shame we have to wait so long between episodes.)

I spent Sunday with shadowcell who didn't mean to buy anything but did. We just wandered around with our usual sarcasm. Afterwards I got back together with Mike K. and he, Steve and I went out to PF Chang's. Mike is a vegetarian and so everything was veggie except for Steve's meal. Mike had never had the lettuce cups and was overjoyed with him. He came back to the house briefly and we took him back to his hotel early because he has to pack to leave tomorrow. He also forgot his credit card at the restaurant and we had to take him to retrieve it.

All in all a pleasant if crowded con. I have some ideas for writing up a graphic novel and suggestions from Mike on how to get an artist.


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