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Excitement, and the day's not over yet.

Today started out with Pagan Pride Day. It was small, so it's a sign that I was enjoying myself that I stayed three hours. The opening Druidic rite used runes to divine what the gods wanted to say, which made me twitch. Later I met a Vanatruar who said he was going to take their priest aside later and explain a few things.

Someone mistook my Mjollnir for a labrys. Uh...no.

I learned that it gets kind of irritating to be in a minority field of paganism. Everyone assumes you're Wicca, even with a piece of jewellry that indicates affinity to a god not usually found there. I bought a little lantern into which you can put a tea light since the area where you have an outdoor ceremony is supposed to be marked out in fire. This is not the same as casting a circle. I said I wanted to use it to mark the area and was told "It's also really good for calling the quarters." In Norse ceremony, you don't call quarters. That's a Wiccan thing. I was polite about it, but all paganisms aren't alike. Really.

After I came home, Steve gave me the good news that Mei-Mei's kidney values (BUN and creatinine) are better. Her glucose is very good. She feels so good she went outside and got ALL DIRTY so we decided to give her a bath. She was as good as we hoped; didn't even complain, much less try to bite or scratch.

Let's see how our evening goes!


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Sep. 13th, 2010 01:44 am (UTC)
Yay! Glad to hear that Mei Mei is doing so well.
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