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Sweat Equity

This was my first drill with the 11th. We were originally slated to go to Pendleton to go to the range, but it was changed to Camp San Luis Obispo (Camp SLO). I'm glad they made the change; SLO is cool and misty with the sun coming out late morning--good shooting weather. We made the lovely, lovely ride in a bus up the 101 and hit the M9 range the second we arrived.

I hadn't expected M9s, but they're the main MP weapon. I volunteered to shoot first, and I hit 8 out of 40 targets (passing was 16) but I had never held an M9 before, ever, and after an M9 PMI class I started hitting every target. It was a heck of a lot of fun.

The next day was my bane, the M16. However, the 11th let us just shoot in our load-bearing vests, not flak vests, and LBVs are *thin*. So I could lie on the ground any way I wanted and I could actually breathe! What a concept, since most of my troubles come from being unable to control my breathing right. It took me four times to qualify because I was getting used to looking through my new glasses, but I managed finally to qualify with 28 hits when 24 is to qual, so I was happy.

We didn't get to do the planned land navigation, which is too bad because SLO has beautiful green mountains around it too.

Home again home again, and I've started my PT program. I went to the Miramar gym today and every day at 1130 it has...SPIN CLASS. I was ecstatic, since spin class is what got me to lose weight in Arifjan. The gym also has a terrific rubberized outdoor track, which means running without smashing up my knees. So that's what I'll be doing when there isn't a spin class held.

I notified MAJ T by text, but haven't heard back since he and I were spin fanatics in Kuwait.

Oh, since MAJ T is no longer in the same unit as I am, I can now refer to him by his given name, which is Todd. So MAJ T will be Todd in this journal from here on out, and his girlfriend is Lourdes. We see a lot of them.

I switched out iPods as well. My old 30 GB iPod was getting full, and I had intended to buy a 160 GB iPod when I got back from Afghanistan. Steve beat me to it, and today I finally switched to the big iPod. I'm glad to have so much room left to fill because my old iPod was ready to hold perhaps one more MP3 album. I just have to figure out why it didn't separate the podcasts into the podcast category, though.


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