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This too will pass.

I've developed a new quirk (yes, ANOTHER one) where since I go up to Orange County for drill, my brain cannot shake the idea that since I'm going away, I must be going away at least for several weeks. I'm hoping time and repeated experience will cure this one.

To counter it, I packed my gym bag and tossed it in the car already. Drill weekend starts Saturday morning, but given that I kept nodding off on the road the time I tried going up there Saturday morning, I'm just going to eat the $35 and pay to stay on-post Friday nights. My safety is worth it.

Saturday is PT test day. I'm going to pass it without issues, but I'm still over weight limit so I hope I'll pass height/weight. Yes, I am losing all the poundage I put on in July and August when I was being taken out for meals almost every day, but it's not happening as quickly as I thought it would. Plus, the unit has decided that sign-in time will be from 0600-0630, oh joy.

I keep telling myself it's too early for me to start hating on them, but between that, our snippy little bitch of a supply "sergeant" (who's an E4) and the fact that I only know about the sign-in time because Ma'am found out about it and told me, I'm not being charmed so far. It's Thursday night and no training schedule for the weekend yet. YAY! The 78th managed to produce one, why not these guys? They have a full-time staff during the week.

Oh well, anime Meetup this evening (at Chopstix, so yummy noodles for dinner) and I will be home Sunday night. I will be.


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