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Monday night massacre

Philadelphia 59-28 Washington DC. 59 just plain isn't a score you see often in football. Unfortunately I only saw half the game. Steve and I went to Eddie's at 3501 30th because they advertise that they have all the games, the food is inexpensive and Philadelphians in exile say the cheesesteaks are adequate. I'll add that the folks are pretty darned nice although they didn't have all the TVs on.

Due to screwups at my unit, Ma'am and I now have to spend two days working on separation packets. Saturday was medical SRP. In the afternoon we and CPT C got to work, but ended up having a meeting with General Kenyon (general officers are considered public figures and their names are not concealed under FOIA exceptions). After that I had barely gotten started when all the E-7 and below enlisted were taken out and yelled at for not working. Then we got to do drill and ceremony since we were all so lazy and in need of something to do. I was spitting acid and told Ma'am, who started spitting acid herself. Forget me being punished for something I didn't do--this was preventing us from making mission.

We did get to work a good chunk of Sunday, but still it wasn't enough time. So into the green pajamas with me tomorrow.

All was not bad though. We out of towners were housed at the Best Western and I ended up having my own room where I slept like an absolute rock. Before that, I'd gotten to Mass at St. Hedwig's, which is the old and established parish for that part of Orange County. It's a very 1970s, weird looking church. (For a history of parishes in that area, Google "St Isidore Plaza".)

The next morning I found that the local Denny's had closed permanently and went to McDonald's where General Kenyon and his CSM (command sergeant major) bought me breakfast.

Looking forward to having a proper weekend this weekend. I'll be working at three different locales this week, and I find that kind of unsettling. Must remind me of my days temping or something.


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