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I am! It's one of those rubberized tracks, but not so bouncy it's distracting or unnatural-feeling. My legs were okay for the run, but my lungs were being bitches.

I went out there, put on my Lady Isaacs, and started running. After 1/8 of a mile, my bronchial tubes started closing. I walked another 1/8 mile, had to walk again, and decided well, maybe I should just walk/run.

After half a mile I said screw this, went back to the locker room and got my inhaler. After a tube-opening huff I was able to run a mile, easy. I walked another lap, ran again, and went in for a shower. Next time I'll start with a huff of ventolin and set the goal for a fast 1.25 miles, but I'll go longer if I feel good. I figure once two miles comes naturally I'll just keep adding on with the goal of taking my score on the two-mile run from 80 to 90. If I can get a 90 on the situps (done) and pushups (also done!) that's a 270, which is a respectable score indeed.

We also went looking for a young cat to be Mei-Mei's friend. We went to NatCat, the no-kill rescue in Spring Valley where the kitties walk around free in sunny rooms with lots of places to explore and toys to play with. We interviewed Ivan, who is a blue cat who weighs about 3 lbs, but he seems more interested in eating and playing than being with people. PetFinder called and they were concerned that Mei-Mei has been an only cat for 5 years.

I also saw Noodle again. Noodle is the evil Siamese who I saw several years ago when seki_raku went there to adopt Kirin. Noodle has increased in vileness and hatred and I think I may be off of Siamese for life.

I'm making that creamy fish and pasta dish for dinner. Drill this weekend.


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Dec. 1st, 2010 10:35 pm (UTC)
Too bad your on the West Coast. There's a cat that's been visiting my yard who appears to be abandoned. Very friendly. I've been trying to think of someone who could take him in since I already have two myself.
Dec. 6th, 2010 01:50 pm (UTC)
a creamy fish and pasta dish sounds kinda scary to me actually. But if you're making it again, I guess it must've tasted all right the first time. I think a 90 on all 3 sections would be quite respectable indeed!
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