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Capitol of the Confederacy

Steve and I are in Richmond VA, visiting my family. I haven't been here since 2005, when I spent most weekends here during AIT. Barring one visit in North Carolina in 2008, I haven't seen my family since then.

Ivan is at "camp" at the vet's. As soon as I dropped him off I heard the vet techs exclaiming, "Oh, Ivan's here!" They'll be beside themselves when they find that he's been left with one of his fetch toys and a squeaky mouse onna stick that he delights in. Nobody will get work done if the Kitten of Infinite Joy has anything to say about it.

The day and the trip was pretty grueling. In the morning, I dropped Ivan off, went to Pancho Villa to get Mexican foodstuffs for my dad, emptied out all the trashes, cleaned the litter box, packed our suitcase and drove on up to meet with Steve. Steve's paralegal drove us to the airport. Security was long (we were in line for close to half an hour) but the nudie machines were not being used and I didn't see any old folks being forced out of their wheelchairs. I'm thinking that John Tyner and the "don't touch my junk" incident may have changed things a bit.

Our flight to Houston was horrible. Passengers were too stupid to board and stow their belongings in any kind of timely manner so we were about a half hour late coming out of the gate and the captain actually said over the intercom that he was about to get out the cattle prods. It was hot, every seat was taken, the flight attendants were surly and despite having Direct TV and an all day "Ghost Hunters International" marathon, I fell asleep from lack of oxygen. We made it to our flight from Houston to Richmond by virtue of the crew for the Richmond flight being delayed. Fortunately, the flight to Richmond was not packed full and it was actually comfortable.

So we're in and we'll see what my folks have planned. I know the Ginter botanical gardens will probably be involved.


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Jan. 6th, 2011 01:14 pm (UTC)
Welcome back to the Commonwealth!
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