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Response to the State of the State

This one could also be entitled "Teppy's Megalomanic Thoughts", but I thought it'd be off-putting.

Okay, Jerry Brown is going to be making some deep cuts. I keep having thinks about how co-ops of people could possibly provide services.

One thing I've been thinking of for a long time is a private SF/fantasy library. There is a public one in Toronto called the Merrill Collection:


Libraries have been cut in San Diego already. I wonder if there is room for a co-op run SF library. It might have to be called a "reading room" but I don't know. I think libraries in SD are unionized, and we don't want to run into that as a problem.

I would really want this to have a lot of kids' programming. It wouldn't be free, but either really inexpensive (a couple of dollars) or "pay what you feel this is worth". I know Jane Siberry has found that she makes more money with the second payment system for her music.

We'd have to have membership fees. The Huntington Beach library uses this system.

Another advantage of a private library is that it gets around a lot of censorship issues. Don't like our holdings? Don't join.

I have others...it's just that I'm good at coming up with ideas and getting them started in a small way (the Afghanistan diaper drive, for instance) but things stay small. I'd like to start organizing go to change that.


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Feb. 2nd, 2011 07:56 pm (UTC)
Places to look for advice/resources:

The Anne Proud Memorial SF&F Library of Darkstar at UCSD. I'm not sure to what extent the university "controls" this library.

The LASFS Library.
Feb. 2nd, 2011 09:13 pm (UTC)
The MIT Science Fiction Society is a private SF/F lending library and one of the largest collections there is for SF/F material. Membership is 12 dollars a year.
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