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Drill Weekend etc

It was. The on-base billeting was full so I had to spend Friday night at Don's Turf Motel, which has been open since the 50s. It was very clean, but had all the amenities you'd expect from the 50s, i.e. a pool but no internet at all. Not even an alarm clock.

The unit is even more retarded than ever. My squad leader works in the G3 office, which is locked off and unless you're G3, which I am not, you aren't allowed in. So, this makes contact with my squad leader rather difficult. Fortunately, my section leader is Ma'am. What this means is that all my basic paperwork, like RFOs (request for orders) and LIK (lodging in kind, so they can put me up in a hotel Saturday night) must go like this:

Ma'am to squad leader. Squad leader walks across the room to platoon leader. Platoon leader walks over to Unit Administrator. I can't just hand things to the UA, as would be LOGICAL.

I hate the Army so fucking much, I do.

I stayed at the billeting on Sunday night since I worked again on Monday. I don't know why, but the billeting makes me happy, basic as it is. We had some legal staff from the east coast in to help us with all these separation packets and went to Oggi's with them, which was fun.

Worked like a dog Monday, got home by about 8 pm where americanstd had a bottle of good red wine (Rodney Strong 2007) and a pasta dinner waiting. <3

I hope everyone had a thoughtful Angina Pectoris Awareness Day.


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