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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

It's Sunday and you know what that means---long run day!

I was working on speed, so I started out on a treadmill. I ran a mile, walked a quarter mile, ran another mile, walked a quarter mile, started on a third mile and decided I had to go outside because it was a lovely day. I finished my third mile and walked a quarter mile to cool down. Then I went inside to futz with weights for a bit.

I've decided that I will go to the St. Patrick's Day 5K on Thursday.

A funny thing happened at the track. I was getting some water after my third mile and I saw two crows. They were looking at something that looked like a bayonet on the ground. I figured I'd take it inside very cautiously, but when I went over I saw it was a plastic dagger. I put it on the picnic table and went into the gym to use the weights and take a shower. When I came back outside it was still there. I figured I was meant to have it for whatever reason and it's now lying on my household altar behind Sta. Muerte.

I watched "Zombieland" with Steve, which was a fun romp and I recommend it. He's now adding films that he wants to watch to our Netflix "Watch Instantly" queue because right now it's all horror movies or Russian silent films.


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