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The Weekend

Sorry for the long delay. I forgot my computer's power cord and so the only time I opened it was to write some fanfic Saturday night.

I think Salt Lake City may be my least favourite city encountered so far. Tampa left no impression on me, but perhaps it would be if I saw more. But SLC? Sure, they brought the liquor laws into the 19th century in 2009 (you no longer have to join a "private club" to buy a drink) but this does you little good when almost every eating/drinking establishment in town is CLOSED ON SUNDAY. Really, LTC H and I had a bitch of a time finding a lunch place today.

I flew in on Friday, leaving San Diego at 0615. It wasn't all that bad; Ma'am and I were in uniform because the conference started at noon and we were treated respectfully. My boobs were not groped and nobody asked to see me naked. Our hotel, Little America (as opposed to the Grand America across the street) was unsat. It consists of the tower, where the conference, gym, restos, coffee shop, etc were, and the Lodges, a short walk away. Some of us were in the tower, some were in the Lodges. I was in the Lodges and it was a right pain in the ass.

Plus, many of us, myself included, had paid $20 for refreshments during the conference. So imagine my surprise when I came to the lobby of the ballroom at 0700 and found there was NO COFFEE. They brought it in at 9. Yeah, great service, fuckin' Mormons, grouse grouse grouse.

(Mormons aren't supposed to drink caffeine.)

LTC H, you might recall, was my second boss at Camp Arifjan and worked as a legal advisor for a while at Bagram, having decided to follow me, Todd, CPT S and CPT A. there. He lives in Ogden but was eager to see at least one of us. So he picked up me and Ma'am at the airport and took us on a short tour of Temple Square. If you're in SLC, do see it. It's more than a little weird and the Temple itself is covered in Masonic symbols, which I didn't mention to anyone at the time. I was amused.

H got sick Saturday night so I ate by myself at Market Street Grill. Good food, but I was bummed out betweeen feeling lonely and the weather and I didn't enjoy my shrimp bisque as much as I could. I do, however, highly recommend Polygamy Porter (Slogan: You won't want to stop at just one!) as a beverage.

I barely made my plane due to the TSA folks there being absolute Special Children. No shit, the guy who looks at IDs and compares them to the names on the tickets could not read. I was in line 45 minutes and had to jump queue (a mortal sin for a Canadian!) to make my flight. Not happy. No, not at all.

Glad to be back. Steve's at an appointment at the law office and Ivan is resting because Mama is home. Yay.


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Mar. 28th, 2011 04:58 am (UTC)
Polygamy Porter LOL
Mar. 28th, 2011 07:14 pm (UTC)
I am amused by Polygamy Porter.
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