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From the ridiculous to the more ridiculous

shadowcell took a swing down from Orange County to see us. Steve and I have been replaced; Ivan decided that Shadowcell was the Best Thing Ever and wanted to play with him and snuggle with him nonstop.

Chris had mentioned "WANT!" when he saw that Pancho Villa has shrimp as a pizza topping. So we headed over there, he for a shrimp and sausage pizza and I for a carne asada, cilantro and onion pizza. Oddly, the carne asada pizza used refried beans instead of sauce. While this was still tasty, the texture was as if the crust was undercooked. I'll ask for sauce instead of beans next time because there will be a next time. The pizza was $8.00. I also had Shadowcell get a bag of bolillos so he too can join that cult.

I showed him the first two episodes of "Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot" on Hulu. This is among the zaniest of the live-action robot shows; "Super Robot Red Baron" is a class act in comparison. "Sokko" has a lower budget, which doesn't mean a lot, but also a bunch of Japanese pseudo-Nazis running around as villains. Then again, I dunno, they're both insane. Steve decided to show an episode of H.R. Pufnstuf as an example of TV in the 70s, but that was quickly declared unendurable.

Not a long visit but we had fun and Shadowcell has a fanfic that I need to start reading.


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Jun. 1st, 2011 04:34 am (UTC)
I remember having seafood as a pizza topping in Taiwan and Japan. I should do that here! Shrimp and Sausage sounds delicious.
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