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First I had a nightmare this morning brought to you by "pro-life" propaganda. I like to say I'm pro-choice even MORE than I'm pro-choice because of my hatred of pro-lifers. Don't ask, it's too disgusting to bring myself to describe.

We were awakened by Ivan hollering that his Litter Kwitter needed more litter. I obliged him and he crapped on the bath mat anyway, the little monster.

After Steve had gone in to a meeting with a client, I went out to buy Ivan some more crunchy food, not that he deserves it. When I got home I discovered that typing was hurting my right thumb badly. I looked and discovered that I'd torn off the nail right where the thumb hits the key. It's bandaged, which is going to compromise my harp playing badly until it grows back. Fortunately I have no more lessons after monday because we're going to Texas for a couple of weeks.

I went to ebenbrooks and caprine's joint 42nd birthday party where I watched loud debate over subject/verb agreement break out. I have lived too long. Fun party though; I left at about 7 to find americanstd in the middle of cooking dinner. He made Shake 'n' Bake chicken breast, brocolli and home-made macaroni and cheese which was delicious, although since we had no flour in the house it was a little runny.

Tomorrow is Gym Day, and I have to be serious about the paleo because I've gained back some of the weight I lost previously. Then it's off to Ikea for a dining room cabinet. I also want to work on the back room, where the last of the boxes are currently residing. We need a light for it and we want to put in a guest bed eventually.


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