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Worn out already

Today I finally got out to the gym, where I worked out for about an hour. I did both a crosstraining machine and ran on the treadmill. I had a podcast I really wanted to listen to, so I didn't take my exercise outside where I need to use my Shuffle rather than my big iPod.

After I came home, I wanted to go to NatCat to pick up the Wysong gift basket I'd won. I also wanted to show off Ivan so the Crazy Cat Ladies there could see their baby is well and happy. Ivan howled on the way down, but it appears that if we are quiet ourselves he gets the point and settles in. When we got there, his favourite CCL was there, clucking about how handsome he'd become. She still thinks he's a little small, but he's only a year old and still growing.

There was a cage of kittens and one of them thought Ivan was the bee's knees.

The basket contained a box of catnip tea(!?), two bags of Wysong dry food, Wysong Dream Treats which are astronaut food for dogs and cats made out of PHEASANT, a collar and a big ceramic bowl shaped like a purple fish. It's nuts and Ivan already loves it.

The tea though...even in jest, suggestions you have a tea party with your cat sound pretty darned insane. However you can give the cat dry teabags to play with, which is what I think I'll do.

After that, Steve and I went to Miramar to replace the brake pads on the truck, but they need more work than we can do and Steve's also replacing the tires. We stopped at the commissary for some eggs and coffee since we're out and now I'm just toast.


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