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We've been here in San Antonio two nights. We are really loving this hotel. We're at an Embassy Suites, and I have to recommend it so far. I booked the rooms over Priceline, and for $120 a night we have a two-room suite with a complimentary breakfast and happy hour.

We got in Saturday night and had nachos for dinner in the bar, then drinks, then we went to bed after 12 hours of driving from Albuquerque NM to San Antonio. Yesterday we planned to go to Ft. Sam Houston for some grocery shopping. We picked up a few things like apples and tetra-packed milk for coffee in our room, but I also scored a new pair of boots, which I very much needed. After that we were invited to Sandra's and Vic's place for dinner.

Sandra and Vic own this Victorian almost-mansion in Los Angeles Heights. I love it; Steve declared it a no-go because it didn't have central heating or A/C. I can understand that, but I am willing to live rough like that in exchange for a house with character. Vic made really wonderful grilled chicken and chicken sausage. After that, Steve went back to the hotel because I wanted to meet some of Sandra's and Vic's Latino artist friends. I got back at 0100 after a visit to a private home and a Lone Star (ew) at the Friendly Spot Ice House, which has free outside movies on Wednesdays. (This Wednesday is "Ghostbusters".)

Today Steve slept in until 1300. I sat reading in our living room for a while, then went to the gym. After he woke up we went out to get the oil changed in the truck, had lunch, then went back to play online until Happy Hour.

We're now watching WWE RAW on our living room TV. We have one in the bedroom too. Tomorrow, we're going to Six Flags!


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Jun. 28th, 2011 03:01 am (UTC)
Sounds like you're having a good time
Jun. 28th, 2011 04:02 am (UTC)
Sounds awesome :)
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