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We made the one-hour drive to Fredericksburg, TX yesterday. Fredericksburg was founded by German immigrants (lots of Germans in TX) and if you drive down Main Street it's kind of stuck in the 50s. Cute touristy boutiques or not, there's a very mid-20th century vibe that makes me think it's probably a great place to raise kids until they're teenagers. We were lured (okay, I was lured) by the prospect of wineries. The one place we went to was an obvious trap for rich posers. They didn't even have a restaurant. As Steve used the toilet, I heard a mom grousing to her adult daughter that she was having a hard time deciding what toenail polish to wear to a wedding. Alex, I'd like First World Problems for $5,000, and oh look, it's the Daily Double!

So we left. We ended up at Sonic. My one experience at the Sonic in Irvine, CA had been horrible, but this was a complete 180. Service was fast. Steve proclaimed the Frito Pie to be what they serve in Heaven for dinner, and worth drives out to Santee. I had a small tater tots with chili and cheese, which was nommy because I loves me my tater tots. I also became a big fan of the cherry limeade; I definitely see what the big deal is.

After that we went to the Museum of the Pacific War. Admiral Nimitz was from Fredericksburg, which is why the museum is here and landlocked. We were there for about two and a half hours; my feet and back were sore by the end. The museum is compact and designed chronologically, to take you from the 19th century roots of the conflict in China and Japan through to the surrender of the Japanese. It has more facts packed in than any museum I've ever visited and is very emotionally hard-hitting. For Steve it was very poignant because it reminded him of his dad, who had been in the war in the Aleutians.

By the way, if you're in the military, check out http://www.bluestarfam.com . There is a list of museums free until Labor Day there. Steve and I did not have to pay to get into this museum and it turns out that all the Balboa Park museums are the same.

After that, we went down Main Street on a recommendation that we go to Clearwater Ice Cream. This is (again) a 1950s place famous for its ice cream and shakes. Steve had peach ice cream--this peach country--and I had a crocodile, which is puff pastry layered with pecans and brown sugar. Clearwater deserves its reputation.

After that we headed on home, got a couple of glasses of beer and wine and went up to reheat leftover pasta we'd ordered the night before from Pizza Hut.

Quiet day today. Steve has a business meeting (he brought his suit, yes) and I'm going to work out. We'll do something in the afternoon.



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Jun. 30th, 2011 04:18 pm (UTC)
Sonic is definitely a Big Deal. This was the post-meet activity of choice for my 2008 swim team, and the kids got very grouchy if they didn't get their Sonic. Strawberry limeaid is my favorite though!
Jun. 30th, 2011 04:43 pm (UTC)
Hm. In-and-out is definitely good, though. Steak 'n Shake is the best burger joint, hands down. Just wish there were more of them.
Jul. 1st, 2011 03:02 am (UTC)
The best thing about Sonic here is that it's ubiquitous. It's almost impossible to find a place that doesn't have a Sonic somewhere in it. See you am Sonntag.
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