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Dumb and Dumber

Today was the unit holiday party. For you civilians, a Reserve or NG "party" starts with hours of briefings, some for only the soldiers, some often for the families. So today we did our "safety brief" about how we shouldn't drink and drive and use caution when riding a motorcycle. In other words, same thing as every year. Then we did our suicide prevention, which had a vidoe that wasn't too bad. The situation of one of the characters was very close to mine back when I had My Little Incident in December 2009. Lunch was supposed to start over at the Boys & Girls Club at 11:30, but I was delayed partly because I was helping Ma'am put files in order and partly because the directions we'd been handed were grossly incorrect. So by the time we each arrived, there was no food remaining and 3.5 hours with Santa Claus left. I said fuck it and snuck out. I had a salad at Carl's Jr.

More idiocy that's going on: Someone is "borrowing" equipment out of our offices.

We now need to use our CAC cards to make photocopies or print (so if you're signed into a military computer you have to sign out, remove your card, go down the hall, put your card in the printer, log in, then print your one page).

Oh yeah, and we officially now have to pay for our own hotel rooms.

I'm kind of wishing I hadn't re-enlisted, but if I hadn't, where would I get health insurance? God bless America. /sarcasm


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Dec. 4th, 2011 04:28 am (UTC)
It makes you wonder, if you have to risk your life in order to take care of your health .... you know? America is such a crazy country. I wonder if we'll ever get universal health care, and how long it'll take if we do.
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