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And we're not done yet.

Last night, Steve got a wild hair to go see what was on sale at Wal-Mart. It was 8 pm, but Wal-Mart was closing, so that didn't happen.

Dave & Buster's was closed, so no shooting zombies while nursing beers in an arcade setting.

Game Stop was in the process of closing and locked their doors once we'd left, hosing a fellow who was just coming up the sidewalk.

So we went home and drank booze and watched episodes of South Park.

This morning, Lalat couldn't wait for Steve wake up. I got up at 7 or so, and when Lalat saw me she started running around the living room yelling, then made a beeline to the bed to wake up her daddy. So the first thing we did was to take down the toy we'd bought for her, a long stick with shiny streamers and feathers and a bell at the end. BIG hit.

Ivan and Lalat also received a bag of Greenies (a kind of cat treat), Ivan got a new ACU collar and matching toy.

Steve got another culinary blowtorch from me, so now he has two. He can experiment, or have one in reserve. I also gave him a bottle of 10 year old bourbon, and he was very happy with that. He may crack it open tonight while we're having our traditional viewing of "Conan the Barbarian". I also gave him a PS2 WWE wrestling game and a Depeche Mode CD, both of which I'd bought for a dollar over at the used books and clothing place on Ohio Street. They have a sale every weekend.

In turn, he gave me the Kindle Fire I'd been wanting. In fact, he'd bought it the first day it was available. So far I like it fine although I haven't had a chance to do anything but load up the books I already had.

We wanted to do something, so we went to the zoo. It was packed. Every other family was Muslim or Chinese although San Diego's small contingent of Orthodox Jews made a showing. Unfortunately, there were also a lot of parents who didn't seem to mind parking themselves in the middle of trails in order to photgraph their offspring, and the offspring were often way too tired. Despite this, we saw monkeys, gorillas, gazelles, tigers, tapirs, lots of different birds and polar bears. We also joined the zoo, so now we have unlimited access to the zoo all year.

After late lunch at Denny's (pumpkin pancakes, yummy) we're back home. The turkey just went into the oven. I hope everyone had a good day.


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