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In which I'm wearing out like an old coat

Drill was last weekend. Since my unit (and it may only be my unit) isn't paying for hotel rooms anymore, I drove up at 5:30 a.m. Saturday morning, worked all day, then went to another soldier's end-term-of-service party afterwards. I worked all day again, drove home, went to a kindred meeting. The next day, after work we went to go see the live broadcast of WWE "Raw" which was at the Sports Arena. Yesterday after work we saw Steve's best friend from high school who was in town for a conference along with his catamite-I mean 24-years-younger-stupid-as-a-
box-of-hair boyfriend. So today I came home and sat on the couch and watched Ghost Hunters.

The WWE show was the first time Steve and I have gone to see wrestling together, and it was much more fun than either of us had expected. Since we'd been expecting fun, this was great. It was interesting watching the stage crew set up the WWE Superstars set, break it down, put up another set, break it down during what would be commercials and set up the ring for Raw. Zack Ryder took a horrible bump, Kofi Kingston is twice as cute in person and Vicki Guererro is a genius. I texted electorprince all through it with details.

Work continues. My predecessor spent much of her time on her cell phone, either Tweeting or running outside to talk. She also made a lot of mistakes on work I consider to be extremely easy. The office is thrilled with me, and in my spare time I'm doing algebra like bork. I'm not at her level yet, but I only just started. I'm at division of multinomials now and this is where I'm finally starting to go, "What? I don't understand."

Major T is coming back from Ft. Hood for the weekend. We're going to Pala to go shooting and let him loose at the casino buffet, which should be hilarious.

Ivan has started the unlovable habit of yelling at 5 a.m. At first it's for more clean litter in the Litter Kwitter (they are at green phase now) but after that's done he keeps yelling for whatever reason. We've decided that if he does this tomorrow morning he's going into the hallway bathroom until I get up at 6. I figure 50 minutes in jail might make him realize that this is not acceptable.

So things are definitely going on. I am looking forward to sleeping in this weekend, let me tell you.


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