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Dog party!

I thought about going to ConDor, but other things intervened. We'd all arranged to have a dinner over at Jaime's and Rebecca's. Steve and I headed up to Miramar to pick up a tri-tip and we found a really nice recipe for a lime-chili-tequila marinade.

Afterwards we were starving so we checked out Mr. Dumpling on Convoy Court, which Ryan had recommended. Many of the menu items were pork, which Steve can't eat, but we survived. My favourite was the fish dumpling; the veggie dumpling was okay. I also loved the beef noodle soup; the baby bok choy in it was lovely. I thought the sichuan noodle soup tasted like camphor but Steve loved it so everybody won.

After that, Steve got the meat into a vacuum-sealed bag and we drove out to J&R's. Now, J&R have three dogs: Dodger, who is a miniature pinscher, Gigi, a five-pound chihuahua, and Dory, her 2 pound daughter. Dory is the most aggressive of the bunch.

As Steve slow-cooked the tri-tip on our grill (it lives at their house now since we have no outdoor space), Vic and Sandra showed up with their chihuahua, Xochitl. Xochi was wearing her "support the troops" dress, but didn't want it when she saw the other dogs were in their collars only. By about the first half hour, she was one of the pack.

The beef was great, consumed with tortillas, guacamole, frijoles and the American sides of green salad, macaroni and potato salads. And beer.

Afterwards, we all retired outside to the fire pit to BS and hang out. We rounded it up around 10 because 3/4 of us are elderly folks in our mid-40s.

Trying to decide what today will bring.



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