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Long time no post

I've been going through a phase of indifference when it comes to journaling. I really should not give in to that sort of thing.

Bean! came back to the States July 1. Then ensued many drinking parties with most of the old cast of characters; even Hong Kong Danny Ip made an appearance. Unfortunately, this means my weight shot up about four pounds in 10 days, so I'm reining in the booze consumption and being more careful about what I'm eating starting this morning. I went to the gym today for a good long time and will do so again tomorrow.

Bean! is a yoga enthusiast and signed up for a week of classes at Core Power Yoga on 30th. I joined him for one class and really liked it. I wasn't sure if yoga was really going to be a workout, but once it started, OMG. I didn't sweat like that in Kuwait! I thought about signing up for a month, but Steve later came across Diamond Dallas Page's yoga program and ordered it. So I want to do the yoga with Steve as encouragement and company.

Work is work, except when it isn't. As I've said, the job is so easy that I end up with a lot of time. I have the huge "Classical Mythology" by Morford and when it's open it looks like a law book, so I've been reading that.

The peaches and apricots are very good this year. Since I'm making it a point to be more consciously aware of the plants, animals and season, this is adding to my enjoyment of them.

Comic-Con started tonight. I decided last year that I wouldn't be going anymore, and so I'll be staying home this weekend. When they had a big exhibit and panel on the show "Pan Am" I knew it was all over.

So that's a summary of what I've been up to.


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Jul. 12th, 2012 10:02 am (UTC)
Good to hear from you again. Never stop posting!

I don't have personal experience with yoga, but an extremely metrosexual lawyer acquaintance of mine swore by it; between that and the low-carb diet he was on, he was quite the slim & trim youg fella.
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