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Weekend energy levels

Really weird. Yesterday Steve and I started with our Diamond Dallas Page yoga, which I think will be a really good thing for both of us. Then I headed over to Gam3rcon for their fundraiser for "Get Well, Gamers", a 501(c) that supplies kids in hospitals with gaming consoles so they can be entertained and distracted during their stay. They are now international, having started with only the US and Canada. ebenbrooks and caprine were playing a rooftop concert, and the location was very cool and atmospheric, I think. We were up there with a view of the SD skyline, a beer and wine bar, and the sunset. Their set included some stuff I'd never heard before, and that was neat. Glad I went.

After that I headed over to ritual for Eliza Rickman. Meh, not as content with her. She had only brought her toy piano, which meant that all her music sounded a lot alike. If she'd been working with her synth or looped sounds as well it would have been one thing but I got tired of it fairly quickly. Maybe in a larger venue.

Then I slept until 10:30. This NEVER happens and I feel bummed out and down afterwards. Still, I got the living room cleaned up, the countertop scrubbed and worked on my E6 course so I can't say I was lazy.

I went over to Pancho Villa (they need a baker with experience) to get some fajitas and bolillos for dinner. I saw in front of me in line a strange pair. The young woman was wearing a patchwork hippie skirt I coveted immediately, a striped spagetti strap top and several Mary medals. The young man behind her who she introduced to the cashier as her brother was wearing blue striped OshKosh overalls, no shirt, and a brown scapular. I was left wondering what their relationship to the holy figures involved was, if any. She was wearing a scapular medal and a Miraculous Medal.


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