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Canal Reves-Bizarres

I dreamt I was in an ultra-Orthodox synagogue. I was wearing Edwardian clothes, so I was within dress code. It was coming to the end of Shavuot, and there was a room sized box with one open side raised about ten feet over the congregation. The men were standing around, looking up into it. I was told that inside was the Sabbath Queen. I was at the back of the crowd and all I could see was the wall of the box to my left and two mannequins. The walls were lavender and the mannequins were female, with thick black hair and as far as I could tell flouncy Victorian clothes. I couldn't see the image of the Sabbath Queen though, and I was very upset by this.

I went up to the gallery above the synagogue floor and still couldn't see. However I ran into my old flame L, who was dressed like me in Edwardian clothes. She and I went to the basement where there was a kosher deli, now opening because Shavuot was over. I got a vegetarian sandwich. We got into the open back of a truck going back to her place, which was really far from any of the bus or subway lines and down a rural road. My intentions towards her were completely dishonourable, but once we got to her place, other people kept showing up.

Today in the waking world, the Sabbath Queen image stuck with me strongly all day and in my slow moments I was browsing Jewish web sites. There is a reconstructionist shul near me that looks like everything I ever wanted in a place of worship, but I'm pretty committed to being a polytheist at this point in my life.


Aug. 29th, 2012 02:28 am (UTC)
you have very vivid dreams, the only ones I ever remember usually scare the crap out of me


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