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Having an average weekend

I took Friday off because I wanted a weekday to do what I wanted to do. What this ended up being was writing. I went to Filter Coffee after my dental checkup and cleaning and had breakfast. Two cups of coffee helped me keep working on my rune book which seems to want to be written by hand, in a notebook.

On Saturday I biked in the sprinkling rain to a yoga studio run by the Sri Chinmoy people. They're half the price of CorePower Yoga and I don't mind a little spiritual woo with my workout. I paid $25 for two weeks and a free meal at their vegetarian restaurant Jyoti Bihanga, but Steve and I decided that $75/month was still too much of an outlay, given I'm already taking music lessons. Since CorePower sells packages of classes, I'll get one of those since I can only make it once or twice a week. Meditation classes at the spiritual yoga place are free anyway if I want them.

Steve and I made our first gallon of mead, flavoured with lemon. No idea how it will turn out, so it's sitting quietly in our back closet until Jul. We'll find out then.

Sunday was the Winternights blot in a very charming tucked-away park. The rain was ready to go all through the service, but held off until the very end. A definite "plus" of San Diego is being able to go barefoot in October. After that we all had brunch at Lil' B's, which has gotten its act together. Lil' B's is the restaurant started by one of the Brians who ran Brian's American Diner on Washington Street. Apparently Brian and Brian got divorced, closed the restaurant, and one of the two opened this place. Everyone enjoyed the food immensely, service was a 9 out of 10, and the decor is a testament to the power of Ikea. Billy in our group was admiring one of the lamp fixtures and I assured him that he could buy it there.

Steve and I watched the new "Walking Dead" episode. I'm still having terrible Walking Dead/TrueBlood crossover visions. Daryl was born to be Jason Stackhouse's new best friend and Rick is going to freak the fuck out when he finds out that their new haven is occupied by vampires.


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Oct. 23rd, 2012 05:58 pm (UTC)
Tony's grandson makes mead. It's yummy! Looking forward to hearing how yours comes out.
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