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Birthday Month

I decided to quit the 11th in Los Alamitos when the incoming 1st Sergeant decided that all NCOs had to come in at 0600 and stay till 1700 both days of drill. The reason is that since we're NCOs, we need to earn our "big bucks". Coming in from far away and have to get up at 0300 to make it in at 0600? Too bad. I wrote a lengthy AAR saying that this meant that the 1st Sergeant clearly does not care about soldier safety. By the way, I'm not the one who had to get up at 0300.

So I am back to my old home at the 78th in San Diego. This meant that I had to go in to work on my birthday, but I was fine with that. I only had to drive ten minutes to get to drill and Sunday was a Family Day that Steve and I actually enjoyed and were sorry to leave. Saturday night we and about seven friends went to Pomegranate, a Russian/Georgian restaurant that we and most of our friends love.

Four days later, things went sideways. Sandi, the oldest member of our kindred, died in her sleep Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Her family was stunned into paralysis, as was our godswoman. Steve drove out from Arizona again, and we organized a farewell ritual, to be held at Odin's Grove. Steve and I cobbled together a death ritual and drove out with four other folks. Susan has a firepit, so Steve built a really hot fire and we took turns raising horns and drinking to Sandi. Then we all put gifts for her onto the fire. One of our friends had started knitting a shawl for Sandi earlier that week, so she burned it to send it to her. Her husband had bought Sandi's Yule gift already, an amber pendant. Drea had a bag of wooden travel runes, Zenon had a note. Steve burned a mjollnir pendant and I burned a Whitman's chocolate sampler. Sandi had been diabetic, and not been able to enjoy them for years.

The fire burned everything to ash, after which we buried the ashes as per instructions in the Sagas. Then we went to the buffet at the Pala casino. One of the guys had had his birthday the day Sandi was found dead and we wanted to give him a really nice dinner as a gift. His wife was able to eat all the crab legs she wanted, and she hadn't had any since she was in high school. Things did get silly; we don't know why Drea felt it was necessary for us to know why a crayfish was lactose intolerant, but she said, "He said he was lactose intolerant, but you did not listen!" at least three times while wagging its claw at us.

Steve's left for Arizona again and I'm sad as hell, both because I miss him and I wish the cats and I were going with him, and because of losing a friend. Sandi's family is having an at-home tomorrow after work.


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Aug. 19th, 2013 03:53 am (UTC)
I'm sorry to hear...sounds like she got a good send-off.

And yay for seeing the back of the old unit.
Aug. 21st, 2013 01:48 pm (UTC)
Here's hoping for better times at the Ol' 78th! Very sorry to hear about your friend.
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