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Spontaneous trip

Steve sounded morose last Friday, and I knew it was going to be one of those weekends where all I did was watch movies and Xena episodes on Netflix while wondering if 9:30 was too early to go to bed. So I decided to drive out to the hacienda.

It really isn't a bad trip. I had a hard time seeing after the sun went down as I was driving, but a new glasses prescription should help with that immensely. I left work, stopped at the condo to feed the cats and make sure their drinking fountain was full, then jumped in the truck and headed out. I left at around 1640, and got in at 2200, almost on the nose, and I did take breaks. On the way, I saw lightning, which was very exciting for me since it's a pretty rare occurrence in San Diego.

I didn't have a lot of time, since I planned to be back in SD by 1800 on Sunday. Steve and I bought a few things for the house, which for us usually means Home Depot. We met Karl and Dawn for lunch at a marvelous barbecue place called Mr. K's, where I had the turkey. After that the lot of us went over to Sportsman's Warehouse because Karl had had one of his bows repaired and he needed to pick it up.

Since this seemed to be the weekend for spontaneity, I bought a bow and some arrows myself. A child's bow with a 25-lb draw is $30. Since I'm the size of a modern 10-year old, it's almost a longbow on me. We went over to Karl's back yard where he gave me an archery lesson and showed off his compound bow, which is what you need if you want to seriously hunt. With an hour of instruction I was hitting the target in the "heart", and I need/want to experiment with how far I can send an arrow and with how much force. My bow is okay for small game if I decide to hunt for some, and apparently it's more powerful than anything Native Americans would have used for hunting or warfare.

Steve suggested we buy our own target and put it into the carport (it has a back wall) beside the saloon so I can practice my archery whenever.

I drove home at 10:30 the next morning and hit some rather nasty rain in the valleys in western Arizona/eastern California. I got to the German restaurant Kaiserhof at a little after 1700 and gave out some neat mugs I'd bought for my kindred on the way back.

The cats were fine, and I didn't get yelled at by them as much as I thought I would be.

The mountain in my userpic is Picacho Peak. I can see it from my side yard.



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