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Way busy...

Last weekend was drill and the two weekends before that were trips to Arizona. Here comes Pagan Pride on Saturday, for which I'm setting up the booth early in the A.M. I'm also giving a lecture and would like to hear ebenbrooks when he performs and our friend Dreya when she lectures on Women in the Celtic Tradition.

Weekend after next, we have a wedding in the kindred, and I'm supplying ten rotisseried chickens from Pancho Villa and I've been asked to play harp.

Fortunately, I do have Sundays off. The last weekend in September is Viking Fest, but Steve won't be here which removes 75% of the fun, so I may have a quiet weekend here in S.D.

I sproinged my back, which led to the interesting experience of using a chiropractor. I just wanted my back adjusted. I am not interested in getting spinal adjustments for the purpose of eliminating my allergies because the human body doesn't work that way, really it doesn't. I found the experience useful enough that I want to keep going, but not once a week! That bites into my already scarce free time AND my yoga budget--and yoga means a lot to me. Steve suggested me doing the DDP Yoga, but going to the studio and the spiritual woo is part of the experience that I enjoy.

I've crossed off all the things I needed to accomplish at home today, so after the dishwasher finishes, I'm off to shower and keep reading "Hero With A Thousand Faces" which I'm enjoying a lot. I've also got SO MUCH piled up in my Kindle.


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Sep. 15th, 2013 04:41 pm (UTC)
you need some time to relax
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