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I don't always play harp badly...

...but when I do, I do it before an audience of members of the San Diego symphony!

L and B from our kindred finally got married after 20+ years of life together. They are both women, so tying the knot hasn't always been an option. But it's secure to do so in California now, so they made the plans. We had the celebration at Odin's Grove, which has been such a gift to the pagan communities.

I never do anything small. They know my motto is "Go big or go home," and they put a big request on me. They asked for a feast to be brought as their gift, although some people brought them extra things. So when I arrived, I was toting 10 rotisseried chickens from Pancho Villa, two pounds of tortillas, two tubs of salsa, plus my harp and its accoutrements.

The wedding was outside, with all the chairs in a circle. I was positioned at about 5 o'clock with the howe (altar) at 12. The piece I'd selected was an English country dance, or so the music book said, and I knew that I could repeat it as much as needed, like a music box.

L is the piccolo player for the San Diego Symphony and about five of her co-workers were there. This added to my nervousness. I started playing, with some fumbling, waiting for L and B to make their way to the howe. On my second repeat, I started wondering where they were. On my third I was thoroughly flustered and mouthed to the celebrant, "When do I stop?"

It turned out that me stopping was going to be their cue to approach the howe and start the ceremony. Oh well. Everyone said I sounded lovely. I'm more critical, of course.

The ceremony invoked Odin and Frigga, the Allparents, and the goddess Lofn, who is gentle and good to pray to when two lovers are being kept apart by adverse forces. After the vows, we all took a horn of mead and said something to the couple. Most people for some reason opted to pour out a libation rather than drink. The heathens didn't "get" that at all.

Afterwards, we had the wedding feast in the hall. There was a pork roast, ham, chicken, and German potato salad. It turned out there was way too much food, which no one had expected.

All this and a roomful of kittens. There are two mama cats in a closed-off room with two litters. One of the little calicos got adopted by one of the kindred families, which they had been planning for a couple of weeks. The six-year-old boy who was the lucky recipient has a gift with animals. The kitten sat calmly on his shoulder, purring away, and they are going to have a great life. L and B will continue their great life.


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Sep. 24th, 2013 09:25 am (UTC)
If L is the person I'm thinking of, she's good people.
Sep. 24th, 2013 05:38 pm (UTC)
How beautiful!
Sep. 27th, 2013 11:30 pm (UTC)
I bet you were great

Best wishes to the happy couple
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