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Today I woke up, ready to go to the gym. Steve mentioned garden work that needed to be done and for some reason a little light went off in my head and it sounded like a GREAT idea. We're laying down this black fabric/paper and staking it down so that we can build a garden bed on top for the high-yield method we want to use. Since it was only in the low to mid 80s outside, I slapped on my hat, put music on my iPod, and went out to do it.

I was done three hours later, and had a sense of satisfaction from the task I haven't had often lately. Steve was certainly impressed. Tomorrow, I break out the pickaxe and dig a six inch trench all round, unless the weather is bad. We did have thunder and little rain this afternoon.

I also saw two turkey hens making their stately way across my yard like renaissance ladies. At first I thought they were wild, but when I approached them they just stood there and gobbled at me. I became concerned they had run away from the farm next door, but when Julie called me back an hour later, she told me they weren't hers. Apparently these are just two feral turkeys who wander around the village for some reason. Not wild turkeys, feral turkeys. They certainly aren't afraid of people. This makes me wonder why no one (and no thing) has eaten them yet.


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