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Best laid plans

You know the old saying. Thing is, even if plans don't work out, that doesn't mean they will end badly.

I woke up this morning at 0600, naturally. I got dressed and went outside to resume digging trenches. I have one more side of the garden to go, and I hope the rains predicted for this weekend won't undo everything. I hope that damp ground will be easier for digging the trenches a few inches deeper. If I get up that early tomorrow, I intend to pull up some more weeds and keep prepping the ground

I ordered a whole bunch of Army uniform stuff from the AAFES website, which made me unhappy. I know I'm not going to wear that pair of mandatory dress gloves more than once, if at all. I think all my dufflebags were loaners from Ft. Benning, so I had to order another one of those, and a few more PT shorts and pants. And for all that, I STILL need to make the two hour drive to Ft. Huachuca to have more service stripes and now my overseas stripes sewn onto the jacket of my ASU (what most people would call a "dress uniform"). I don't want to go to ALC as it is; to have to pay for the privilege makes me just want to start hitting (appropriate) people.

I was going to ride my bike to the mailbox, five miles away, but it was 108 so I decided not to.

My final plan was to go to the Tucson Death Cafe at the coffee shop located in the Metal Arts complex downtown. When I showed up it was a lot of old people sitting in a circle, waiting to start talking about anything related to death. Hzzzzz, not my scene, as I wanted to talk about the green cemetery project that is in its early stages here in town, and perhaps my beloved Skinny Lady. I didn't think this bunch would be too receptive. Steve was already downtown, so we decided to get dinner.

Now, being the son of a West Texan, Steve is very, intensely, fussy and critical when it comes to slabs of dead cow. I hastily consulted Yelp on my phone and found a place called Cody's Beef and Beans that had mostly good reviews, so we went there.

Now, beef is not my favourite thing to eat, but I decided to try an 8 oz prime rib because beef is what the place specializes in. It was quite tender and juicy, with no seasoning. Some people like that, some people don't. Steve was amazed at how perfectly his ribeye steak had been prepared "black and blue". We both had baked potatoes and the beans that are touted in the name of the resto, which were delicious. I still brought home half my meal, including some fat for the kittehs.

I pulled a brisket out of the freezer some days ago. I'm gone this weekend and the brisket might have gone gamey by then, so I'm making a slow-cooked chili tomorrow. I can't find the pestle for my mortar and pestle, which is driving me crazy because I have chilis that need grinding. Guess I'll give using a rolling pin a shot until it shows up again.



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