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Member of the Wedding

Not me, Steve. MAJ T finally married his girlfriend Lourdes. Steve, Ma'am, and Lourdes's family had been leaning on him for years. Well, it happened at a Marine base, overlooking the Pacific, with the reception in a beautifully decorated hall. (The photos of the decoration will be going up on Pinterest soon.) The theme of the reception was Books, so I applauded that very much!

Because of his role in the wedding taking place, Steve was one of the groomsmen. We drove down Thursday night after he got off work, getting into San Diego at about 11:30. We stayed at the Lafayette Hotel, which I've been dying to go to for years. It was not a disappointment. We went around the corner to the fabulous Red Fox Room at the front of the hotel, which actually has the interior from a Tudor-era pub. The builder of the hotel had it shipped from England back in the 20s (I think; if you Google the hotel there's history online). We needed some alcohol to relax. After that we shuffled to the nearby Denny's where our waiter was a gay Jewish mystic who really got into talking with me about Brooklyn, where we were both born, and the Qabalah. Made my night, at least.

The next day was breakfast at the Jalisco Cafe in Chula Vista with T and his family. He is from a rural area of Michigan originally, and many of his folks still live there. His mom and aunt were absolutely delightful; in their 70s, still working because they like it, very grounded and very funny. Once breakfast was done, Steve had to try on his tux and what do you know? Men's Warehouse forgot to put his shirt in the tuxedo bag. So we rushed off to Mission Valley to not only see if they had the shirt, but to have lunch with Ryan and a couple of the other legal beagles we have worked with in the past. Steve and I weren't in the least bit hungry, but we shared an appetizer and had a few drinks.

THEN it was off to the rehearsal, then the rehearsal dinner. Steve and I were still not hungry, but the meal was delicious. I endorse The Fig Tree restaurant in Liberty Station. There was a cigar party for the gents, so Steve dropped me off at the hotel while he attended that. He got in at about 1 a.m.

Since we'd been told the shirt was in La Mesa, we drove out there pretty much as soon as we woke up Saturday. Mission accomplished, we went to our old standby, Ritual Tavern, for brunch. Mike and Stacy were really happy to see us, and we took advantage of the slowness of the time to catch up. We had Virgin Marys (neither of us were up to drinking alcohol) and Steve had the brisket with poached egg while I had the fried chicken and waffles. We returned to the hotel after that, I got dressed, and Steve dropped me off where T's mom, aunt, and cousin where staying so I could get a ride with them. He headed off for the best man's place to put on his tuxedo, smoke more cigars, and have mojitos.

(to be continued)


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