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So, our friends Todd and Lourdes were coming out this weekend. He was doing the Tour de Tucscon bike race and she was going to meet us here at the house, and we would all go to dinner or something afterward. They were going to stay overnight here.

Lourdes’s dad went into the hospital, so she didn’t come out here, understandably. At 5:30 PM we called Todd, wondering what had happened. The Tour is 104 miles, so we wanted to make sure he was okay.

Turns out he forgot we lived in the area and went with the friend he’d done the Tour with to Longhorn Steakhouse downtown and said we could come join them. Well, downtown is a 45 minute drive, Longhorn is a crappy chain restaurant in a city full of magnificent places to eat, and we spent the whole day cleaning the house and waiting for his phone call.

So, Steve and I figured we should do something, so we went down to Ina Road and had pho and curry at Miss Saigon. Then we got a few groceries, went home, and I read until I fell asleep not long after.

This morning Steve's weekend alarm (from last weekend when he had a match to shoot) went off, waking me up. Then another one went off. Finally I was drifting off when Todd called to say he, Tim, and Todd's brother and sister-in-law who live on the east side of town were available for breakfast. After yet another comedy of errors (sister in law went to the wrong Good Egg even though we had given the address) we did have a nice breakfast.

Now we're home, and we're going to watch Survivor's Series and eat either tri-tip or burgers.


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