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Thanksgiving, Zia Music, et al

Negativsteve came down from Phoenix for Thanksgiving, carrying the cranberries and the Mrs Cubbison stuffing. Steve is very combative about stuffing being Mrs Cubbison's, and it turned out Negativsteve prioritizes it too. Steve and I brined a turkey for the first time (Alton Brown's recipe) and while I didn't think it made the meat any more juicy than our trick of roasting it breast-side-down, it made the skin crispier than any we'd had.

Dessert was pecan pie made with pecans from our own tree outside. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a harvest festival, so that just made sense. It came out excellently well, too. I used the recipe from the Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook from which I originally learned to cook.

Friday I went to work, which felt like an insult, but there were filings to be done because federal government uses an electronic filing system that never closes. Still, as I was walking up to the courthouse in the morning, the U.S. Marshall smoking outside asked me why on earth I was going to work.

Today Steve needed repairs to the back hatch of his 4Runner, so we drove down to Ina Road, dropped it off, and headed off to a craft show that was happening at Maker House. This was where we went to the music sale where I was so pleased with my score. This time I picked up two sugar-skull themed tree ornaments and a little necklace with red ceramic skulls, red beads, and spiral metal beads. It's not as loony as it sounds; I'll post pictures to FaceBook when I first wear it.

After that we went to Zia Music. I got three jazz CDs and decided to take a chance on one of their $1.99 grab-bag packages. I'm glad I did. There were two CDs by Prince and the Revolution, a copy of "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", a copy of "Walk The Line" which Steve and I haven't seen yet and want to, and two more jazz CDs. Have I mentioned that I'm enjoying having a couple of stereo systems in the house? Because I am.


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