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Should have been a sleepy day...

We did end up going out, both because we kind of felt like it and because we needed some things, like milk, really urgently.

Steve's truck is a 4x4, so getting out through our muddy and slick dirt roads was okay. He at least said it was fun. After much back-and-forthing we ended up at the Oracle location of Oregano's restaurant. It's an Arizona Italian chain, and we had eaten at the Speedway location and liked it a lot. We were not let down by the Oracle location. My angel hair pasta and his chicken Parmesan were tasty and what we were in the mood for.

After that we went to Fry's (grocery store). The goose is obtained for Jul, and we'll have to go back for the salmon and root vegetables that we need for the feast.

After we got home, Steve went to go play his usual video games. I talked to my friend Linn in the Netherlands via Skype and read another fifty or so pages of Julia Serano's book Whipping Girl. This is answering a lot of my questions about transsexuality, and I'll give more of a review after I finish.

Sunday began with lots of sun. We had to go out for some car parts because Steve is working on my truck. We came back with those and also a small firepit, because we burn a lot of our personally identifying information and also there are some rituals we do that require fire and burning things. I put that together and Steve worked on my car.

I was inside preparing a baked rigatoni with spinach and ricotta when Steve called my phone. Our neighbour Bob was over, and we ended up having him in for some dinner because his wife and daughter are allergic to gluten (really, not the fad) and he doesn't get pasta often. He and Steve have lots of plans for January since Bob has machinery and a machine shop and Steve has ideas for wind power and generators and other things related to self-sufficiency. Steve is starting a two month sabbatical in January, with my blessing, and I think it will be both fun and productive for him.


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Dec. 18th, 2014 04:26 am (UTC)
You have Skype?!

PM me on That Other Place or text me - my number hasn't changed (if you still have it) with your name. Been too long since talk.
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