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Disappointing food

Yesterday (Saturday), Steve said, "Why don't we go have brunch at La Cocina?" La Cocina is a restaurant downtown in a small complex of old buildings. There is a stage in the center courtyard and the other buildings are art stores.

So we went, and the place looked like our Saloon had grown up. Same kind of garage-like setting, with peeled wooden posts and all. Steve ordered chilaquiles and I ordered turkey pozole. I love pozole, a soup made with hominy corn and usually pork, so turkey sounded great.

Problem is, their kitchen is not in the restaurant. It's about 30 feet away around the courtyard. Steve's chilaquiles were okay, but his black beans were very meh. My pozole was close to flavourless. Because of the distance, and the fact that the servers have to carry the dishes outside, both dishes were lukewarm at best by the time they reached the table.

We then went over to the Air Force base to use the commissary. We shouldn't have bothered. Milk was a good dollar more than at Fry's or Walmart. Ground beef was the only thing not sold out. The frozen things we buy are cheaper in the civilian stores. So that was disappointing food as well.

Finally, Bob and Julie, the home-schooling homesteaders, sold us one of their chickens. I sliced up one of the grapefruits that came off our tree in the back yard (this place is wonderful and I love it) to stuff in the cavity, then roasted it with butter and thyme.

The chicken was being delicious. Steve and I were pulling off bits of cooked meat and the legs as we waited for the rest of the body to cool. Steve started carving. All was well until, deep in the breast, we found that the meat was...green. We put the chicken in the fridge and texted Bob and Julie about what we found.

It turns out that this is something that happens to chickens whose breasts are too big. When they are active, as Bob's and Julie's are, the inner part of the pectoral muscles don't get enough oxygen and necrotize. It's safe to eat (though not palatable), but it was a problem they knew might happen although odds were against it. They were happy that Steve and I were the ones to find the weird meat, because we, at least, are cool about such things. They brought us another chicken and a dozen eggs.

However, Steve had had the butcher at Fry's cut up a rib roast into steaks that ended up being three meals. It was absolutely delicious; when it comes to barbecuing meat, Steve is the absolute master. Today I took the last of it and put it at the bottom of a cheese and egg pie with Jarlsberg cheese. That rib roast served us well indeed.


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Dec. 29th, 2014 04:41 am (UTC)
Well at least they made good on the chicken. Can't fault fresh eggs, either. There was a person at the farmer's market across the street from CalArts who'd sell eggs. Best damn eggs I've ever had. (They were pretty cheap, too.)
Dec. 29th, 2014 04:08 pm (UTC)
They are very good neighbours. They're in their 50s and anarchist homesteaders.
Dec. 29th, 2014 04:15 pm (UTC)
Sound like good neighbors to have. :)
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