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Reading in bed cause I'm sick

I think it might have been food poisoning, or it might have been flu. Both have the same symptoms. I woke up last night at about 11 pm with my stomach cramping and my legs in excruciating pain. This started a night full of trying to find a comfortable position in which to sleep and lurching on my pain-stiffened legs to the toilet. Obviously going to work was out of the question. I slept most of the day, drank water and Powerade (which is disgusting), and the neighbours brought over oxygenated water that they said would be therapeutic. I do feel better, and my insides aren't trying to become my outsides, so perhaps it was.

So I've been reading two books, one Raven Grimassi's Book of the Holy Strega and the other Dee Williams' The Big Tiny. I bought three Grimassi books after he and his wife Stephanie had a car accident and needed a little help. I figured buying directly from them would support them, especially since they self-publish.

My only problem is that what I don't know about Tuscan folk magic would fill a whole encyclopedia's worth of large books. His reinterpretation of the Charles Leland book Aradia is very interesting, and fits into European fairy and witch lore that I already know a little about. More research is necessary before drawing conclusions, but I'm enjoying the read at any rate.

The same, alas, can't be said for The Big Tiny. I don't know if I'll finish it. I read Tammy Strobel's You Can Buy Happiness (and it's cheap) and Dee Williams is the person who inspired Tammy. Tammy Strobel said things in her book that Steve and I have both said in our lives, so maybe I just connect with her better? Dee Williams also seems to live with a lot of unrealistic expectations in life, so perhaps that's it. At any rate, it's another book about downsizing and true to her pattern, Dee Williams went to the extreme with her tiny house (toilet but no bathing facilities, forgetting about how a small wooden house is a fire hazard and having to retrofit heating). She seems to spend a lot of time complaining of how disappointed she was when her high expectations weren't met.


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