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Having a better than average weekend

It's Martin Luther King Jr's birthday weekend, so I have Monday off. After the grueling conditions of this past week, the three-day is very, very welcome. I have a three-day in February and then it's a long slog to Memorial Day at the end of May. I'm going to have to squeeze in a day off in that time. The spring equinox is in March, so that is a day I can request. I also have to do Annual Training and want to knock it out in Ft. Huachuca before the weather gets hot.

I want to paint my little Space Marine figures, but haven't had the chance so far. I started to spread out my materials on the table today, but Ivan immediately hopped up and started investigating. So it looks like I need to paint either at the Games Workshop or in the Arizona room where the cats are too busy looking out the screens enclosing the room to bother me and my paints.

Also in my current interests, I found black ink cartridges for my fountain pen. It came with blue ink, probably because the manufacturer thinks most people use fountain pens only for signing things. That may be true, but I like to use mine in my fiction and spirituality journals, and I want black ink for my writing.

So the plan for tomorrow is to pick up all the bottles and cans around the place that have deposits for my next drive to San Diego in March. (February's drill is back in Los Angeles.) Then I hope to sit in the Arizona room and paint. It will probably be warm enough; the temperature isn't supposed to drop until Tuesday.


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