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Space Marines and WWE

On Saturday morning, Steve found out that a very local wrestling promotion called High Impact Wrestling was having a show at a VFW downtown. The last time we went to an indie show was in the 90s, and the headliner was a young buff guy called The Prototype. He went on to bigger and better things under the name John Cena. You may have heard of him.

Not so many prospects for these guys, but we had a blast nonetheless. There were maybe 100 people in attendance. The wrestlers were either really young and in their late teens or 40-something dads. Lots of squishy tummies were apparent. Still, they were really good at telling the story through their moves and there is a really good stable of guys called Creature Feature.

I’d spent the afternoon painting my Warhammer 40k miniatures, and now my squad is finished. I can start to play the game. The next squad I’ll be starting is one of the Brothers Hematic, a chapter off the Blood Angels. The plan is to pair them up with some Sisters of Battle when the Sisters miniatures and Codex come out later this year.

After the matches, we happened upon a Jamaican restaurant. Steve started salivating at the prospect of rotis as he pulled the U-turn into the parking lot. As it was, they didn’t have rotis, but they did have curry goat and jerk chicken, both of which were very good. The restaurant is one of those that has mama in the kitchen and Junior waiting tables. You could tell from the food. We finished off with sweet potato cake.

Sunday I did a lot of hanging out, and then Jake and Sarah came over for chicken enchiladas made by Steve and the Royal Rumble on WWE. Not a great show, and the crowd hated the choice of winner. I’m kind of curious how they’re going to spin this on RAW tonight.


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