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Feeling better

Todd and Lourdes came out for an anniversary event Todd's brother and sister in law were having. They arrived Friday, left Saturday afternoon and came back Sunday afternoon. They're going back to California today.

It rained torrentially from Friday to Saturday night. I don't think I did a whole lot of anything; I did watch my silly "Ghost Adventures" show and finished reading some books. I wanted to go to Games Workshop to see if I could piggyback my Golden Knights in with another company, but the rain kept me from doing that. I'll be getting another tactical squad and appropriate paints to start a squad of my Blood Angels successor chapter, the Brothers Hematic, when I can. The two squads can fight side by side; I wrote up the backstory that allows them to do that.

Everything I told Todd and Lourdes about our place and how Arizona in general has been treating us reminded me of how well I feel about it when I'm in my right mind. Certainly they liked the grounds and the house, because nothing like that is for sale under $250,000 in San Diego county. Maybe in Imperial, but the summers there are worse than here.

Steve took them around the Old Pueblo for lunch at El Charro and sightseeing. We went to Lil' Abners for dinner Monday after I got off work because it's in an old stagecoach station and does all its cooking outside on a big mesquite fire.

This morning I was an hour late for work because a tractor-trailer carrying lettuce caught on fire on the I-10. When I finally passed it, it had gaping blackened holes in the side and hundreds of heads of lettuce spewing out to the asphalt. Not something you see every day.


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