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An actual Comic Convention

I had planned to go to Comix It Up, an event down at Maker House that was supposed to be a day of comics, local artists, gaming, etc., but Mandel told us about the comic convention he was going to in Phoenix, where he lives. So even though Steve was feeling worn out because he's still sick-but-not-contagious, we went out to Phoenix and met Mandel there. The convention was an actual comic book convention, something SDCC hasn't been in years. However, I'm not really into comic books, because they were always a monthly expense that resulted in heavy boxes of stored comics. That was never something I wanted in my life, so I never got into comic book fandom.

There were some good costumes, including a bang-on Pam Poovey from the animated show "Archer", two Pyramid Heads, and quite a number of cool-things-I-couldn't-identify. There was almost no programming, which was odd. There were lots of anime-related items for shows I don't want swag from, and of course comics, comics, comics. I did get three things, a collection of "Walking Dead" comics done by 100 different artists as a fundraiser for elderly comic artists and writers; a Captain America anthology for myself, and a World of Warcraft hardcover graphic novel for my friend Linn in the Netherlands. She has the first two of the series, this was #3. The first two also cost her 25 Euros each, and I scored this for the equivalent of 8 Euros. She is over the moon about this; we were texting each other while I was there.

After that we went to Welcome Diner in the hipster district. This was a neighbourhood of badly kept yards and Craftsman style homes that held art galleries, vintage clothing shops, cafes, and so on. It reminded me a lot of Kensington Market back in Toronto, except that the establishments all looked like businesses that wouldn't have staying power. Welcome Diner was neat though. Most of the dining area was on the patio and you ordered through a window on the building. Mandel ordered a poutine that wasn't: fries, cheddar cheese, and sausage gravy. Steve got a burger that he really, really liked and I got a strange fried chicken sandwich. The chicken was in a tasty spicy batter, but over-coated. It was served on a nice grilled biscuit with a great aioli, a slice of tomato and a pile of arugula. Odd, but except for the thick batter it was again very good.

The plan for tomorrow is to work on Army paperwork and gathering up all the receipts and W2s for this year's taxes. We'll scan them and send them off to our accountant in San Diego. Whee.


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